18 June 2020

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Willam and Glee star Lea Michele

Drag Race legend Willam spills the tea on her ‘subhuman’ experience with Lea Michele on the set of Glee

Monica and Peg lesbian nuns

These two nuns met in a convent, fell head over heels in love and renounced their vows to God to be together

Miss Major: Black Lives Matter must do more to include Black trans people

Black trans activist and veteran of the Stonewall Riots wants you to remember that all Black lives matter

transphobic rap

New York cop, in full uniform, performs vile transphobic rap calling for the hanging of Hillary Clinton

Orlando Perez, 18, allegedly shot a woman after discovering she was trans. (Chicago police)

Teenager leaves a woman’s apartment after finding out she’s trans. Thirty minutes later, he returns to shoot her in the head

LGBT-free Zone stickers are distributed with the latest issue of Polish conservative weekly newspaper 'Gazeta Polska'. Krakow, Poland on 24 July, 2019.

EU sends thinly-veiled funding threat to Poland over its heinous homophobia

Megan Amram The Good Place tweets

The Good Place producer apologises after offensive jokes about Asian-Americans, Jews and gay people resurface

Donald Trump holds an LGBT+ Pride flag

Former gay Republican leader joins the most anti-LGBT+ White House in modern history

Claude McKay, Roberta Cowell and Maureen Culquhoun

5 of the most iconic queer heroes from history who deserve their own statues immediately

Trump fan Brandon Straka

Gay Trump supporter throws epic tantrum after being told to by airline staff to wear a mask on his flight

Iceland Eurovision coronavirus rules

Eurovision announces sweeping changes to ensure contest can come ‘back for good’ in 2021

Mayo Clinic radiologist comes out as trans in eye-opening thread

Trans radiologist gives an honest, intimate and vulnerable account of her journey to accepting her true gender identity

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