Pose cast serve it ancient city style to Chromatica and it is categorically the queerest thing that’s ever existed

Reiss Smith June 17, 2020
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Elektra Abundance, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's Chromatica collided with the world of pose. (Lady Gaga/FX)

Stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, because the Pose cast are serving it ancient city style to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica in this incredible mash-up.

The blessed 95 second video is a supercut of Pose’s finest ballroom scenes, full of face, body, hair, dips and duck walks, set to “Babylon”, the denouement of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica.

Indeed, bodies are moving like a sculpture – namely those of Elektra Abundance, Candy Ferocity and Ricky Evangelista.

It’s a sort of full-circle moment. “Babylon” bears more than a slight resemblance to Madonna’s “Vogue”, itself an appropriation of the ballroom scene faithfully recreated by Pose.

Twitter’s response to the Lady Gaga-Pose mash-up was naturally one of cool restraint.

With one fan making this potentially world-changing suggestion.

That’s gossip.

‘Babylon’ Pose mash-up biggest Chromatica meme since… last week.

Lady Gaga released Chromatica on May 29, a pulsating, throbbing mess of ’90s house beats split into three movements, each announced by a melodramatic orchestral interlude.

Among the highlights is the chill-inducing transition from the “Chromatica II” interlude, to “911”, a techno-lite tribute to the singer’s own antipsychotic medication.

It’s 10 seconds of pure art, which has since been immortalised by fans in the medium of meme.

Elsewhere, Pose – like everything else good and pure in this world – has been derailed by coronavirus.

Filming on the third season has been paused, with co-creator Steven Canals admitting that social distancing regulations might force the show to ditch its iconic ballroom scenes, which can often require as many as 150 background actors.

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