12 June 2020

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Black trans woman murdered in Cincinnati

A Black trans woman, Riah Milton, was shot dead after being ‘lured’ into a trap. Even in death she’s being misgendered

An ICU nurse was forced apart from her girlfriend for three months. So she made sure their reunion was unforgettable

Orlando Florida Pulse nightclub mass shooting

Gun violence disproportionately affects the LGBT+ community, says shock report released on anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting

Sesame Street celebrates Pride with message of love and acceptance, proving actual muppets are better people than Donald Trump

Netherlands conversion therapy

At least 15 traumatising ‘gay conversion therapy’ services are still being peddled in the Netherlands, government finds

'Say her name': Dominique 'Rem’mie' Fells remembered at candlelit vigil

Friends and family mourn the horrific murder of Rem’mie Fells, a Black trans woman whose body was found dismembered in a river

A man denounced the end of "non-PC lad culture" as Twitter's reaction was precisely what you'd expect. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato/Twitter)

The cull of racist TV has some lamenting the end of ‘lad culture’ with all its *checks notes* misogyny, gay jokes and Yorkie bars

all lives matter Mayor of West Lincoln, Ontario, David Bylsma

‘All lives matter’ mayor claims the LGBT+ Pride flag has made society ‘more violent’

Church graffiti North Carolina homophobic Nazi swastikas

Church vandalised with ‘sickening’ homophobic graffiti, Nazi swastikas and satanic messages

Joan Fochs transgender Black Lives matterprison

Trans woman reveals the horrifying treatment she endured in a men’s jail after being arrested while protesting racism

Pride in Publishing hits back at Hachette’s support of JK Rowling

Trans charities express solidarity with JK Rowling as disgusting Sun front page ‘gives voice to her abuser’

A defiant fist is raised at a vigil for the second-worst mass shooing in US history, the Pulse nightclub shooting, on June 13, 2016. (David McNew/Getty Images)

Remembering the 49 lives violently stolen from Orlando’s queer and Latinx communities in the Pulse nightclub shooting

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