Small town Texas gay man perfectly explains why Donald Trump is linked to racism and homophobia in ‘five minutes of hot tea’

Lily Wakefield June 11, 2020
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Gay man perfectly explains why Donald Trump is linked to homophobia

The man said "hypocrisy, racism and homophobia run rampant" in his small town. (Jon in Canada/ YouTube)

A gay man from a small town in Texas has perfectly explained, in “five minutes of hot tea”, why supporting Donald Trump is linked to racism and homophobia.

Andrew Joseph Duffer described in a video how racism, homophobia and bigotry are expressed by the conservative Trump supporters in his small community.

Pacing up and down his living room, Duffer said: “I come from a country bumpkin, podunk town in northeast Texas.

“The population is less than 5,000. Here, hypocrisy, racism and homophobia run rampant.

“If you’re a Black person and you can act white and dress white, whatever the f**k that means, you’re considered a white Black person and you won’t experience racism in its full capacity. Don’t misunderstand me, you certainly will experience racism, it just won’t be as bad.

“Gay people, same for you. If your parents are popular enough, well-established enough, and you’ve been seen at the church at least once then you won’t be destined for the lake of fire.

“All these years I thought it was the blood of Christ that brought salvation but in this instance, it was my daddy’s ability to do the townspeople’s tax returns.”

I don’t care if you love and support me if you support Trump.

Duffer told viewers to keep their “seat belts fastened” as he moved on to explain that most of the people around him are now Trump supporters.

He continued: “I haven’t said anything to these people because they support Trump, you’re entitled to your own opinion. However, they have felt the need to reach out to me.”

They had been getting in touch with the Texas gay man to say that they “love and support” him, he said, but also to explain why they still supported Donald Trump.

“It’s always something along the lines of ‘I think he’s good for the economy’ or ‘he’s beneficial to my small business’. I’ve had some like: ‘He wants me to have an assault rifle and he kicked the illegals out,'” Duffer said.

“If you feel the need to go out of your way to tell someone that you are not as hateful as the candidate you support, does that sound like someone that you should be supporting? Does that sound like someone that should be running the country?”

It’s not a difference of opinion at that point. It’s a difference in morality.

He continued: “You can’t sit there and tell your Black friends, your immigrant friends, your Muslim friends, your Hispanic friends, your LGBT+ friends that you love and support them but you’re supporting Trump.

“Because we’ve got Mexicans in cages. We have got Black people getting killed in the street. We’ve got gays being stripped of their rights left and right.

“I mean, every day I wake up, Donald Trump is doing something to attack these people… And I don’t care if you love and support me if you support Trump.”

Duffer added: “I like Star Wars and Jurassic Park and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and aliens. I like nerdy stuff and sci-fi stuff.

“If you don’t like that, that’s cool. If you have a different religion, that’s fine. We can all have different political opinions, but I feel like Donald Trump is a whole other ballgame.

“I feel like he’s Hitler territory, OK? It’s not a difference of opinion at that point. It’s a difference in morality. And I need you to realise that.”

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