Pose star Indya Moore says JK Rowling ‘doesn’t understand how much death and violence’ are behind her ‘stupid’ opinions on trans rights

Josh Milton June 11, 2020
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Indya Moore opens up about being gaslit 'every day' as a Black American

Non-binary actor Indya Moore at World Pride in New York, 2019. (Erin Lefevre/NurPhoto via Getty)

Indya Moore led a procession of Pose stars condemning JK Rowling for her tirade of anti-trans tweets Wednesday afternoon (June 10) , with the cast calling her views “dumb”, “harmful”, “not necessary” and “damaging”.

Moore admitted they’re “not surprised” at the Harry Potter author’s “stupid” comments on sex and gender in relation to trans folk.

“I think she’s speaking from this place of just sheer stupidity,” the actor, who plays Angel in Pose, explained.

“I mean, it’s just so dumb. She’s not even understanding how much death and violence are behind all of those opinions that she’s sharing on social media right now.

“Like she’s contributing to so much violence through her airing out her thoughts and ideas and opinions. She’s contributing to a stigma that is continuing to take our lives today.”

Moore added that the Harry Potter series has long provided them with a sense of “escape” and “liberation” from the world at large, which is why Rowling’s comments are extra-cutting for them.

“It’s so hurtful but also I’m not surprised by it,” they added.

Pose stars eviscerate JK Rowling over her anti-trans comments. 

Speaking to Variety Moore’s co-stars on the Ryan Murphy FX series, which is set in the queer ballroom scene of the 1980s and 1990s, skewered JK Rowling for spreading a litany of harmful misinformation.

Dominque Jackson, who plays Elektra, described how Rowling’s words have sparked anew her drive to fight for trans equality. “We continue to do the work that we do,” she said.

Dominque Jackson plays Elektra in Pose.
Dominque Jackson plays Elektra in Pose. (FX)

“And we do it even more, even harder than we have done before.”

And Mj Rodriguez, who plays Blanca, implored: “It’s really important to distance yourself away from anybody like that. They’re clearly stuck in a generational gap of an understanding of something.

“We’re in a different time and era.”

Pose co-creator Steven Canals amplified the cast, saying: “In this moment, her opinion is really harmful and damaging and just not necessary.

He added: “I think the issue is her lack of an acknowledgement or realisation that it’s her privilege that allows her to even be able to voice those opinions in the first place.

“What I would want to say to her, one cis person to another, is true allyship is knowing when to fall back and to listen to what the community needs from you. It’s being an active listener.”

Pose star Dominique Jackson almost ‘gave up’ after seeing Iyanna Dior being beaten.

Last week, haunting footage of a young, Black trans woman being beaten by a mob of men in Minnesota, US sparked fresh calls for justice and a more intersectional approach to Black Lives Matter.

Jackson explained that seeing Iyanna Dior cower on a grocery freezer as men pummelled her with punches and kicks tempered her spirit last week.

In the clip, men can be seen brutally attacking Iyanna Dior
In the clip, men can be seen brutally attacking Iyanna Dior. (Facebook)

“I just gave up because all I saw was us not having hope,” she said.

“What are we going to do? We’re going to die and people are just going to walk all over us and say: ‘Oh, well, they deserve it because of who they are.'”

“But then I realised that our strength is in standing up. Our strength is in me not sitting here and being an agoraphobic and not going outside. My strength is in getting up and going outside, getting onto social media and talking to people.”

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