2 June 2020

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Black Lives Matter

This gay politician wants you to remember ‘the first Pride was a riot’ against police brutality as he calls for justice for Black queers

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X calls Blackout Tuesday ‘worst idea ever’ and calls on Black Lives Matter supporters to ‘be as loud as ever’

GRA inquiry: Tell the women and equalities committee about trans equality

Judge tells Idaho its hideously transphobic birth certificate law is a constitutional violation

Levi's pride

Levi’s releases crotchless denim chaps ‘inspired by the resilience and beauty’ of the LGBT+ community for Pride

The school board was accused of 'crucifying Jesus

Catholic homophobes claim that flying a rainbow flag during Pride Month is the same as literally crucifying Jesus


Teenager confesses to drowning five-year-old girl in a river because she called him gay


Drag Race royalty Aquaria calls on RuPaul to open the show up to women: ‘They’ve been doing drag as long as the rest of us’

Willam and Glee star Lea Michele

Drag Race icon Willam says we were robbed of seeing her on Glee because of Lea Michele’s ‘subhuman’ treatment

Ivanka Trump called for ‘more love’ in a limp and tepid Pride Month message and it backfired spectacularly

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump during Pride Month could not be more obvious

Out Pixar

Disney director says he’d ‘never even drawn two guys in love’ before the groundbreaking gay Pixar short Out

Black Trans Lives Matter: Stonewall Inn speech calls for trans liberation

‘Black Trans Lives Matter’: Stop what you’re doing and watch this trans activist’s rousing speech from outside the Stonewall Inn

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