1 June 2020

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Ivar Mountbatten and James Coyle on their wedding day

The Queen’s gay cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten reveals his ex-wife gave him away when he married his husband

Darren Grimes tweeted his bemusement at why LGBT+ people "need" a Pride Month. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Gay conservative pundit Darren Grimes doesn’t think LGBT+ people need Pride anymore. He couldn’t be more wrong

Donald Trump, the most anti-gay and anti-trans president in recent history, is selling Pride t-shirts

Donald Trump, the most homophobic and transphobic president in recent history, is still selling Pride t-shirts

Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade

Gabrielle Union has a simple warning for transphobic bigots coming after her and her family

republicans same-sex marriage

Sorry Mike Pence, but support for same-sex marriage in the US is at a record high – even among Republicans

Phillipe Cunningham, a Black transgender man who sits on Minneapolis city council

George Floyd’s queer neighbours ‘want justice’ after his death, says trailblazing Black trans Minneapolis official

Police investigate cop for homophobic slur at Black Lives Matter protest

To the surprise of nobody, police going head-to-head with Black Lives Matter protesters have been caught on camera using homophobic slurs

Alejandra Monocuco: HIV positive trans woman left to die by paramedics

Trans woman left to die with coronavirus symptoms by paramedics who ‘refused to treat her’ because she had HIV

coronavirus sex banned

It is now against the law to have indoor sex with somebody unless you live with them. Yes, seriously

lesbian rape investigation

Lesbian student claims sheriff’s office told her she wasn’t raped, she’d just ‘never been with a man before’

A Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC. Black trans women

7 simple ways white queer people can be allies to Black people in the fight against racism and police brutality

Cui Le China lecturer

This gay lecturer almost lost his entire career for daring to come out and teach that queer people exist

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