27 May 2020

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Amy Cooper: White woman calls cops on innocent Black man in New York

The gay Black man targeted by a ‘Central Park Karen’ doesn’t know if her ‘racist actions’ make her a racist person

Malaysia A LGBT pride flag flies at the women's march in Malaysia on March 9.

Malaysia’s cruel religious ban on gay sex is to be challenged in an historic court case

Kezia Dugdale

Former Scottish Labour leader ‘relieved’ after winning court battle over ‘homophobic’ tweets

Daniel Foote, Zambia

Zambian president told ‘no option’ but to apologise to ‘humiliated’ US ambassador kicked out for defending gay rights

Trans woman Meredith Talusan gives up makeup

‘There’s no one way to be a woman’ explains trans journalist who ditched make-up, dresses and heels to express her femininity

Transgender activist Aimee Stephens,with her wife behind, sits in her wheelchair outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, October 8, 2019

After the tragic death of trans pioneer Aimee Stephens, her widow is taking over historic court battle

When it rains, it pours according to weather girls Lady Gaga (L) and Ariana Grande (R). (screen capture via YouTube)

Oh, what’s this? Just a video of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande getting ‘soaking wet’ while giving a Chromatica weather update

NHS Pride Flag

Petition demands an end to the ‘rebranding’ of the rainbow as an NHS flag and the ‘erasing of queer history’

Amy Cooper: White woman calls cops on innocent Black man in New York

The ‘Central Park Karen’ who lied to police that an innocent gay Black man was threatening her says ‘her life is being destroyed’

Rosaria Butterfield identified as a lesbian before converting to Christianity and marrying a man

This ‘ex-gay’ preacher genuinely thinks coronavirus was sent by God to cancel Pride parades

Netflix LGBT+ content

Head of LGBT+ content at Netflix mysteriously and suddenly leaves the company

The Stonewall Inn.

Who threw the first brick at Stonewall? A final and definitive answer to the internet’s favourite question

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