7 May 2020

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Grindr date ends with man being violently held at gunpoint and robbed in hotel

DC Comics character King Shark (L, by the way) used to top John Constantine. Yes, really. (Screen captures via Twitter)

A DC Comics superhero bottomed for a mutant shark and it’s officially been declared as canon

teachers disciplined incel video

Teachers disciplined after showing kids incel videos and sending a student thousands of texts about their sexual orientation

blood donation gay bisexual hungary

As world leaders tiptoe around anti-gay blood bans, Hungary has just struck down its own almost completely

No, Rory Stewart, transgender prisoners aren't "raping female prison staff"

Ministry of Justice categorically denies Rory Stewart’s preposterous claim that trans prisoners are ‘raping female prison staff’

homophobic attack cat in bin

Gay couple’s cat cruelly dumped in wheelie bin in suspected homophobic attack

RuPaul infront of fracking equipment

Stop whatever you’re doing because you can now ‘werk on RuPaul’s fracking ranch for the day’ with this viral Twitter game

Joe Biden

Joe Biden doubles down on pledge to make sure PrEP and gender affirming surgeries are covered by insurance

Mara Wilson Ocean's Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven gets gay remake with all-queer troupe of actors – including actual Matilda, Mara Wilson


Proud neighbourhood homophobe targets gay couple with ‘horrible’ yard signs – and police say there’s nothing they can do

Olivia Blake: It's clear the government has not listened to trans people

Despite regular claims that the North ‘doesn’t care about trans issues’, these Northerners are terrified Liz Truss’ attack on trans rights

Queer Eye Celebrity Family Feud

Can you believe? The Queer Eye cast is facing off with the original Fab Five for a charity special

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