Yes, even Prince William is cracking jokes about Tiger King now. No, seriously

Patrick Kelleher April 24, 2020
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Prince William Stephen Fry Tiger King

Prince William joked about Tiger King in a comedy sketch with Stephen Fry for the BBC's The Big Night In (Twitter)

Prince William and Stephen Fry joked about Tiger King and going trouser-less in a surreal skit for BBC’s The Big Night In.

The surprise Zoom call sketch aired as part of the BBC’s evening of entertainment designed to raise funds for Children in Need and Comic Relief.

In the sketch, Stephen Fry reprises his famous Blackadder role as Lord Melchett, and, in a surprising turn of events, the hit Netflix series Tiger King makes an appearance.

“Dear oh dear oh dear,” Fry says as he walks around a room. “Oh come on you lot, I thought Germans were meant to be punctual.”

Prince William then appears on his laptop screen for a Zoom call.

“Ah, your Royal Highness, very good to see you sir,” Fry says. The video immediately cuts out.

“Ugh, come on, even five year olds have mastered Zoom,” Fry jokes.

Prince William makes a joke about Tiger King in a comedy sketch with Stephen Fry.

When the Zoom call resumes, the pair discuss homeschooling (“It’s a bit of a nightmare, really,” William confesses), before they move on to popular entertainment.

“By the way, have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without EastEnders,” Prince William says.

“Isn’t it?” Fry replies. “They tell me Tiger King is rather good.”

“Yes, I tend to avoid shows about royalty,” William jokes.

Fry gives the royal a 60-second warning to get the rest of his family together for the call.

“On my way, let me just see if I can find my socks… and my shoes… and my trousers,” William jokes.

Joe Exotic is the ‘gun-toting gay redneck’ star of the Netflix series.

Tiger King is the hugely popular Netflix documentary-series that has become the breakout hit of coronavirus lockdown, as people everywhere search for content to distract themselves from the never-ending news cycle.

It follows disgraced zookeeper Joe Exotic, a proud “gun-toting gay redneck” and a polygamist who has had several concurrent husbands.

The larger-than-life figure ran the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, a private park in Oklahoma known for breeding a large collection of tigers, lions and other big cats.

The docuseries tracks Joe Exotic as the wheels slowly start to come off of both his business and personal life – culminating in the accidental death of one of his husbands, and his eventual imprisonment for attempting to have Carole Baskin of animal sanctuary Big Cat Rescue murdered.

Exotic had extensive legal battles with Baskin, denigrating her in public continuously – including in a viral campaign ad during his presidential bid.

The former zookeeper is currently serving a 22-year jail sentence for his involvement in a “murder-to-hire” plot to kill Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue.

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