3 April 2020

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Andrew Wommack coronavirus

Pastor who thinks God can change someone’s sexuality also think God will save him from coronavirus

Roy Moore lockdown

Roy Moore, who wants to ban gay sex, to represent homophobic pastor arrested for holding church services during lockdown

Graham Linehan compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazis

Graham Linehan calls pansexuality ‘b*****ks’ as he shifts from gender identity to launch fresh attack on sexuality

Jonathan Van Ness: Please stop giving yourselves quarantine haircuts

Jonathan Van Ness wants everyone to stop giving themselves quarantine haircuts. Immediately

One of these guys is Brad Pitt and the other is Joe Exotic. But which one? We honestly cannot tell. Help! (Netflix Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images)

Joe Exotic wants Brad Pitt to play him in a big screen adaptation of Tiger King. Yes, really

Chris Evans in the 2005 film Fantastic Four apparently lit a fire for many a queer man, apparently. (IMDb/Twentieth Century Fox)

Queer men are sharing the celebs who first made them realise they were gay – and it’s a blast from the past

Disney characters in quarantine

Hilarious video imagines Le Fou, Elsa and all your queer Disney faves singing their way through quarantine

Activist, DJ and community organiser Harry Gay is one of countless queer creatives remaining resilient during the coronavirus pandemic paralysing the world. ((From L-R) Performer Liv Winter, DJs Nik and Harry Gay. (Holly Whitaker)

Meet the queers hosting ‘beautiful’ coronavirus lockdown parties on Zoom to help people feel a little less isolated

Matt Lynch comes out gay basketball coronavirus

Basketball coach comes out as gay as coronavirus made him realise he didn’t want to ‘die with the lie’

Judge Rinder, British gay court show host, lost his grandfather to coronavirus. (Screen capture via ITV)

Judge Rinder pays emotional tribute to his grandfather on live TV after he dies from coronavirus

Gay Mike Doyle Almost Love

This director is sick of seeing straight actors ‘applauded for bravery’ for playing gay

Anne Lister is known as the "first modern lesbian"

Anne Lister, Britain’s first modern lesbian, didn’t want you to know about her sex life

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