Joe Exotic’s husband Dillon is spending life post-Tiger King drinking beer and thirsting over Diplo

Josh Milton March 31, 2020
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Buckler your seatbelt, reader, because here is a deep dive into Dillon Passage, husband to Tiger King star Joe Exotic. (Instagram)

Buckler your seatbelt, reader, because here is a deep dive into Dillon Passage, husband to Tiger King star Joe Exotic. (Instagram)

If you invented a time machine and went back to December 31, 2019, and told yourself that in three months’ time you would be trapped in your home during a viral pandemic and your sole source of entertainment would be Tiger King, a Netflix docu-series about a gay redneck roadside petting zoo owner’s demise, would you believe yourself?

Existential horror aside, Tiger King has captured a world on lockdown eager to have, at the very least, an hour or two not thinking about the coronavirus.

The series follows Joe Exotic, a wrangler currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for, well, two counts of murder-for-hire and 17 other wildlife-related charges.

But while the show’s final episode is ambiguous, Exotic is still actually married.

Who is Dillon Passage of Tiger King?

Sufficiently twinky Dillon Passage, 24, is a bartender living the Florida life to the max, even as his husband is in jail.

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The good place ?

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Passage, then 22, got hitched to Exotic just two months after the tiger wrangler’s former spouse, Travis Moldandao, passed away.

When he and Joe met, Dillon was living in Austin, Texas, on his cousin’s air mattress.

They later moved to the Gulf Breeze, Florida, after Joe’s fallout with Jeff Lowe. He’s Exotic’s fourth husband, as John Finlay did not legally marry Exotic. .

What’s he up to these days?

In getting to the bottom of Passage post-Tiger King, we did a deep dive of his Instagram page, all in the name of journalism

From a peak, Passage is keeping himself busy by wearing vests, cracking open White Claw beers with his buddies and routinely being shirtless.

Thanking his pals for being a constant source of support, he shared pics of his gang having fun and waving around inflatable alligators. Peak Florida energy.

He also described in a couple of posts where he was shirtless and lying on a hammock thinking about being in quarantine. It comes as, at the time of writing, Florida state has become a petri dish of coronavirus cases.

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Quarantine got me like…

A post shared by Dillon ♌️ (@dillert_lclm) on

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Quarantine and chill

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The state’s caseload surpassed 5,700 with 71 deaths statewide Tuesday, according to Tampa Bay Times. As a result, officials have urged the public to practise social distancing and stay indoors.

Although, Passage described a “bada** weekend on the river” in a post uploaded Monday.

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Badass weekend on the river ??

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Are Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage still together?

You bet.

Passage’s Instagram page has been pelted by fans over the last week asking him vital questions such as whether Exotic has an official GoFundMe page and whether or not he likes Lady Gaga.

While it was confirmed by Passage that, indeed, he does like Gaga – “yes, lol”, he said – his silence on the postponement of the release of her Chromatica album is deafening.

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Nothing better than seeing yourself #progress

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When one user asked what he saw in Exotic, Passage replied: “He’s a very good man.”

Moreover, Exotic – real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage – is noticeably absent on Passage’s profile.

The closest to a reminder that he’s with Exotic is his bio, which reads: “Aminals are cooler than people.”

In a video of him shuffling, a follower asked whether they’re still together.

He replied: “I’m still married to Joe, but my social media platform isn’t used for Joe things.

“Thank you, though.”

Dillon Passage is ‘not ashamed’ to be with the Tiger King star.

One follower wondered whether Passage is “ashamed” of what his partner has done.

“I am not ashamed,” he said. “It’s no secret that Joe is my husband.

“All of my friends and family know. I don’t care for the spotlight.

And frankly, I don’t really care what people think about me or my life. I’m living my life for me and it isn’t going to be out on pause because of the situation Joe and I are in.

“My social media is not an outlet to please any other people. But thank you for sharing your feelings.”

Passage’s Instagram may not have many mentions of Exotic, but there are plenty of tigers.

He has two, Gimp and Godiva, who are the shining co-stars on his page.

Oh, and he clearly has a type, considering his man crush Monday was American DJ Diplo.

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#MCM ❤️

A post shared by Dillon ♌️ (@dillert_lclm) on

Anyway, we’re not sure what can top Passage, distraction to the coronavirus-wise, so we hope you enjoyed this brief respite.

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