26 March 2020

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Son of lesbian mums forced into anti-gay sermons in order to play sport

Lesbian mums say son was forced to attend anti-gay sermons if he wanted to play basketball

Tom Daley shirtless workout coronavirus

If you’re desperately looking for a silver lining to lockdown, Tom Daley is doing shirtless home workouts

Former NBA player Jason Collins and producer Brunson Green.

Trailblazing gay basketball star Jason Collins and his partner are battling coronavirus

Catholic priest will defy church's ban on LGBT people receiving mass

This Catholic priest’s take on sex and sexuality is so refreshing it might just take your mind off COVID-19

kkk loyal white knights

Ku Klux Klan handing out hateful propaganda inside free bags of candy. The police say there’s nothing they can do


Police release CCTV images in hunt for a homophobe who viciously punched a gay man in the face

Coronavirus: Gay dancer trapped in lockdown with homophobic parents

Gay dancer trapped at home with homophobic Christian parents who think he has an ‘evil disease’

UK Black Pride postponed coronavirus

UK Black Pride warns coronavirus will adversely affect queer people of colour as annual festival is postponed

Justin Lacko Instagram bisexual Love Island

Love Island star Justin Lacko just came out as loving both men and women

The puberty blockers case could be a slippery slope for teen abortion rights

The anti-trans brigade is attacking children’s charity Mermaids for helping its users protect their identity. Yes, really

Joe Wiecha, scouting for pals in the new city he calls home, encountered judgement from a Grindr user. (Twitter/Joe Wiecha)

Gay man shamed by Grindr troll because he was only looking for friends and we can’t roll our eyes back any further

Joe Biden experienced a surreal slip of words by calling a gay couple "mummy and dad" during a live stream. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Joe Biden’s calls a gay male married couple ‘mommy and dad’ – and it only gets more bizarre from there

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