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Man finds out his husband-to-be is cheating after being placed into quarantine with his lover. Yes, really

Josh Milton March 25, 2020
Man discovers fiancé cheated after being put quarantine with his lover

A gay man postponed his wedding after he found out his partner cheating on him after he was put in isolation with suspected coronavirus. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

A heartbroken British man found out his fiancé cheated on him after his husband-to-be admitted that he was placed in quarantine with his lover over fears they had coronavirus.

Matt Hillier, from Warrington in Cheshire, was set to marry Brazilian doctor Octavio Santos, in only week’s time, on April 1.

But their impending marriage was gripped by the coronavirus pandemic after Santos, 33, was put in isolation with another man.

“I am angry and bitter,” said Hillier, the Daily Mail reported. “He is a cheat and this is a total slap in the face.”

Gay man cheats on fiancé in ‘drunken mistake’, but now might have COVID-19. 

According to Hillier, last Thursday, he and Santos planned to spend a long weekend with a pal identified with the pseudonym “Nathan” in Rio de Janeiro.

“Nathan was a friend who we’d had a few drinks with on the odd occasion,” Hillier said.

They were all meant to go together, but when the AirBnb they booked wouldn’t let them take Santos’ Jack Russell pup, Pico, Hillier decided to stay behind.

“I’ve been with Octavio for five years and thought I could trust him and I mistakenly thought Nathan and I were friends.

“I spoke to Octavio while they were away and was expecting them home when Octavio called.”

During the phone call, Santos said he had a fever and was shaking all over.

“I was really worried as it sounded like coronavirus,” explained Matt.

“But then his tone changed and he said he was very sorry, but that he had slept with Nathan.

“I told him I felt betrayed and that I didn’t understand why he would do this.

“I just wanted him to come home so we could talk about it properly.”

Octavio Santos in quarantine with man he cheated on his fiancé with. 

But Santos was unable to jet back as authorities ordered him and Nathan into isolation for two weeks due to his symptoms.

Since then, they have stayed in Nathan’s apartment together while waiting for the results of a coronavirus test.

“I am beyond furious,” said Matt.

“He is due out of quarantine the day before our wedding.

I can’t believe he cheated on me with this guy during their weekend away and now they are both quarantined together.

“I can’t even call him to chat properly to see if we can sort this out because Nathan is in the room next to him.”

Their future as a married couple has been thrown into crisis after Hillier postponed the ceremony.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” he said.

Matt Hillier feels guilty for being outraged at his ‘ill’ partner in quarantine.

Hillier said he feels guilty for the rage he feels against Santos, who is seriously ill.

He said: “You are not meant to be mad at a sick person.

“He has a really bad fever and is sweating a lot and he is struggling to speak because his throat is sore.

He is now being really apologetic and says he wishes we could go back to it just being me and him. But I don’t know if I can forgive him.

“The whole world has been affected by coronavirus and so I have I – but not in the way I thought.

“I thought I had my whole future mapped out but now it’s been taken away from me.

“I won’t let this destroy me, but it hurts like hell right now.”

Santos insisted the hook-up was a “drunken mistake” and added: “I love him and miss him and want to make things right.”

‘I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him.’

The pair met on a dating app in Spain five years ago when Santos was visiting Europe as a medical student and Hillier was vacationing in Alicante.

After jetting their separate ways, they refused to let distance end what they had and spoke on the phone every night until Hillier flew to Brazil to visit Santos.

In February 2019, Santos popped the question.

“I was looking forward to spending life with him,” Hillier said, saying Santos was “gorgeous, but is also timid and tame and was always very charming”.

As wedding preparations ramped up, Hillier moved to Belo Horizonte Brazil in January. “I’ve moved to the other side of the world to start a life with this man,” he said.

“I’ve spent so much time stressing over organising our wedding so that it’s perfect.”

He added that he even flew his parents out in February “to hear the reading of our wedding banns and I’ve got everything ready for our ceremony at the beginning of April.

“And this is how he repays me.”

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