Comedian spent two years trawling through Friends episodes to find proof that Monica is actually bisexual

Patrick Kelleher March 23, 2020
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Monica bisexual Friends

Monica and Rachel in Friends (Twitter)

A comedian has presented what is clearly definitive proof that Monica Geller from Friends was actually bisexual, and we are absolutely here for it.

Eva Victor, who is well known for her scathing take-down of straight Pride parades, presented the evidence on Twitter with a series of clips from the hit show.

Using clips from the show’s 10-year run, Victor set out to prove that Monica was bisexual.

Monica showed she was attracted to women too throughout Friends 10-year run.

In the first clip, Monica promises to kiss Rachel for one minute to “thank” Chandler and Joey. Victor then cuts in with a suitably altered version of the Friends theme song, with the new words saying: “So no one told you life was gonna be this bi.”

Other evidence for Monica’s bisexuality include her choice of bracelets, her haircuts and her apparent “betrayal” that Phoebe did not want to date her in one episode.

She also uses another clip of Monica claiming that “everybody knows the basic erogenous zone” and says it is “a bi thing to know”.

evidence monica is bi (i am bi so i’m allowed to do this) also i’ve been working on this for 2 years.

Perhaps the most definitive Victor’s proof for Monica’s bisexuality comes in an episode where the character seems shocked by just how pretty a woman is.

The comedian said she had been compiling her evidence to prove Monica’s bisexuality for two years, and added: “Yeah well it’s obvious Phoebe is bi and it’s more impressive to put forth a convincing argument about Monica.”

Fans of the hit show chimed in with their own bits of evidence to prove Monica’s bisexuality.

Friends fans replied to Victor’s groundbreaking video with further evidence to prove that Monica is actually bisexual. In another episode, she told Rachel she wouldn’t kick a woman out of bed.

One eagle-eyed fan even managed to find an image of Monica wearing a top that has the word “girls” written across it.

Other fans jumped in with other helpful pieces of evidence to further the argument that Monica is actually bisexual.

So, that’s that cleared up. Friends said “bisexual rights!” and made Monica bi, and it only took the world this long to figure it out.

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