19 March 2020

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Stonewall trustee Jan Goodling. (Jan Goodling)

This is why human connection at work is so vital for queer people in the age of coronavirus

queer self-isolation

Queer people share the weird, wonderful and wholesome ways they’re passing the time during self-isolation

Alt-right video game lets you play as Trump and murder queer people

Alt-right video game lets you play as Donald Trump and slaughter queer people and drag queens

Nikita Dragun: Trans model hits back at 'Blackfishing' claims

Trans model and make-up guru Nikita Dragun hits back at Blackfishing accusations

Breitbart host argues against coronavirus aid because trans people exist

Breitbart host says American citizens don’t deserve emergency coronavirus aid because trans people exist

Jack County District Judge Brian Keith Umphress filed a lawsuit against the State Commission on Judicial Conduct

Judge compares gay people to paedophiles as he sues for the right to be a homophobe in public

Indonesia: Gay YouTuber scathingly attacks country's 'sexual deviant' bill

Gay YouTuber launches scathing attack on Indonesia’s underhanded attempt to outlaw homosexuality

Gay pianist Alberto Gestoso played Céline Dion's iconic number to cooped-up locals while Spain is under coronavirus lockdown. (Screen captures via Instagram)

Gay musician plays mesmerising cover of Céline Dion from his balcony amid Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

Graham Norton

The Graham Norton Show will go on despite coronavirus, even as producers face shortage of A-list guests

Better Call Saul explored the backstory of Breaking Bad character Gus Fring

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is dropping some major hints that the notorious Gus Fring is gay

Gay right-winger says queer people use coronavirus to 'fuel victimhood'

Gay right-winger bizarrely rants that queer people are using coronavirus to ‘fuel fake victimhood’

Thousands of members of the LGBTQ community gathered today for the Birmingham Pride parade in May 2019

Coronavirus has now cancelled at least 75 major Pride celebrations across the globe

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