17 March 2020

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Stephen Sebuuma, a trans non-binary refugee in the Kakuma refugee camp, was battered by a group of 10 transphobes with sticks and stones. (Stephen Sebuuma)

Non-binary Ugandan asylum seeker viciously attacked by gang of thugs for simply wearing a dress

Charmaine McGuffey: Gay sheriff wins primary against boss who fired her

Lesbian police officer was fired by her terrible boss – now she’s running to replace him

Little Big: Russia's Eurovision entry use homophobic slurs in 2017 video

Russia’s Eurovision entry caught using vile homophobic slurs at Pride in resurfaced video

Queer comedian playwright and amputee Jackie Hagan

Queer, disabled comedian eloquently explains why ‘the idea of perfection is really dangerous’

David Robinson was found guilty of the murder of two gay men and a trans woman. (Screen capture via YouTube)

This teenager went to a sex party with two gay men and a trans woman. He returned an hour later and murdered all three

Homophobic hate group wants Trump to Make the Family Great Again

Homophobic hate group wants Trump to ‘Make the Family Great Again’ by rolling back LGBT+ rights

Trans people with accurate IDs have better mental health

Having a passport or birth certificate with the correct gender can literally save the lives of trans people, study confirms

Genesis P-Orridge, who fronted Throbbing Gristle, dies of leukaemia

Queer pioneer, musician and artist Genesis P-Orridge, who fronted Throbbing Gristle, dies after fight with leukaemia

Hong Kong pastor Marrz Balaoro

Trans pastor vows to keep performing same-sex marriages in Hong Kong in open defiance of the law

Ezra Miller to straight people: 'We're better at sex than y'all'

Nothing is truer than Ezra Miller declaring that queer people are just better at sex than straight people

George Takei

George Takei uses coronavirus to make an unforgivably cringe joke about Donald Trump

Eurovision finalists during the 64th annual Eurovision Song Contest held at Tel Aviv Fairgrounds on May 14, 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Eurovision addresses ‘anxious’ fans over future of the song contest in wake of coronavirus pandemic

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