5 March 2020

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Reddit am I the asshole wedding gay brother

Gay uncle forbidden from attending his niece’s wedding because the groom’s family is extremely homophobic


Yet another town is terminating its twinning arrangement with an ‘LGBT-free zone’ in Poland

Elizabeth Warren in rainbow feather boa

7 times Elizabeth Warren redefined what it means for a politician to be an LGBT+ ally

Picture of Billy Porter in tuxedo gown worn at Oscars.

Billy Porter will play a ‘powerful’ genderless fairy godmother in Cinderella and the alt-right must be shaking

LGBT adoption: Same-sex couple share their 'amazing journey' to twins

Same-sex couple explain their ‘amazing journey’ to adoption and it will melt your heart

Lesbian writes to advice columnist male friend possessive

‘Delusional’ man can’t bear to see his lesbian crush with a woman and it’s the definition of toxic masculinity

Mormon university

Queer Mormons say they’ve been put in danger by ‘cruel’ university as it U-turns on homosexuality policy

NHS: New guidance urges hospital staff to treat transphobes like racists

New NHS guidance urges hospital staff to treat transphobes like racists

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren drops out of White House race, leaving two old white men to battle Donald Trump, an old white man

Chris Mosier at the starting line

Trans athlete Chris Mosier obliterates bill that would force girls into genital exams before playing school sports

Carlton Morton Love is Blind bisexual

Love is Blind star slams ‘urban media’ for biphobic treatment: ‘Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT+ Black life’

Paint colours gender stereotypes

Anti-trans ‘feminist’ vows to fight gender stereotypes by renaming paint colours. Weird flex, but OK

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