3 March 2020

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Miss Major Griffin-Gracy (L), instrumental in the stonewall Uprising, endorsed Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. (Twitter/ Ronen Tivony / Echoes WIre/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Stonewall Riots veteran and pioneer Miss Major just gave Bernie Sanders a crucial endorsement

Trump campaign hosting rally in anti-gay church to the surprise of no one

Trump campaign to hold a rally at a church so homophobic it makes Franklin Graham look like Cher

School chiefs claps back at homophobic religious groups in an iconic way

These religious homophobes think schools teach kids to be gay. So a school chief clapped back in the most iconic of ways

John Mulaney (L) coyly squats down to the astonished delight of Beck Bennett in the Saturday Night Live skit. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Saturday Night Live resorts to tired old homophobia just weeks after RuPaul’s history-making appearance

Margaret Court

Award-winning homophobe Margaret Court throws her support behind a regime known for torturing queer people

Joe Biden accuses Pete Buttigieg of stealing his healthcare plan

Joe Biden will invite Pete Buttigieg to join his cabinet if he becomes the next president of the United States

The effigy was burned town of Imotski, Croatia

A gay couple are in the fight of their lives to become foster parents in Croatia, where 1,000 children desperately need homes

Young non-binary person calls for cis people to stand up for trans rights

Angry about transphobia today? Here are some things you can do with that rage

Why is LGBT leadership in STEM fields so important?

Why do we need LGBT leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

Donald Trump Pete Buttigieg Joe Biden

Donald Trump wants Pete Buttigieg to be ‘impeached’ after endorsing Joe Biden. There’s just one major problem

Non-binary person has best response to man who says they’re ‘confusing’

Non-binary person epically schools supermarket customer who says they’re ‘confusing’ him

Pete Buttigieg SNL

Saturday Night Live’s prediction about the future of Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was eerily accurate

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