27 February 2020

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Journalist absurdly claims ‘gays and ethnic minorities’ are ‘over-represented’ on TV and the backlash is fierce

Mum writes heartfelt apology to her son after becoming ‘hysterical’ when he came out as gay

Dad shares the moment he learned to accept his trans kid for who she is

Activists sue South Carolina over law which says schools can only teach LGBT sex ed if it’s related to STDs

Pete Buttigieg Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan suggests Pete Buttigieg could beat Donald Trump in a presidential election

Lena Waithe Onward

Christian hate group is now accusing Disney of indoctrinating children with the ‘LGBT+ agenda’

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will include gender-neutral character options for the very first time

This Pussycat Dolls performance is so awkward it's hard to look away

The Pussycat Dolls’ appearance on The One Show is so excruciatingly awkward it’s impossible to look away

Eduardo Bolsonaro

Eduardo Bolsonaro, homophobic son of Brazil’s homophobic president, to speak alongside Trump and Pence

Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust conversion therapy

‘Ex-gay’ man claims to have been ‘cured’ of same-sex attraction in terrifying newspaper article

Tory Trans Campaign launches to counter rise in anti-trans Conservatives

Tory campaign launches to counter rise in ‘orthodox’ voices denying existence of trans people

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was grilled by LGBT+ Twitter users for comments made during the Democratic debates. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Pete Buttigieg blasted the ‘revolutionary politics of the 1960s’ and people were quick to point out the obvious

Lesbian sisters escape deportation after asylum judge rejected them

Lesbian sisters temporarily saved from deportation after asylum judge said their sexuality wasn’t ‘credible’

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