21 February 2020

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Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer apologises to non-binary person for refusing to allow them to use men’s changing rooms

HPV virus human papillomavirus queer men gay

Many queer men do not understand risk of HPV infection, study shows

Man alleges sexual abuse by university doctor

Man details alleged sexual abuse by university doctor who treated ‘all the gay men’ 50 years ago

Donald Trump gay Bollywood rom-com

Donald Trump just retweeted a PinkNews article about a gay Bollywood romance – and we’re as confused as you are

Pete Buttigieg and Brad Pitt

Pete Buttigieg pays tribute to his ‘husband Brad Pitt, one of the strongest people I know’

Mormon university honor code

Mormon university removes ban on ‘homosexual behaviour’ from rulebook, but still thinks being gay is wrong

Donald Trump choking himself

Donald Trump is really into Pete Buttigieg ‘choking’ people

Pete Buttigieg

Queer Broadway producer slams ‘deeply disturbing’ questions about whether Pete Buttigieg is gay enough

George Webster and Sam Retford in S.A.M

Powerful short film explores what it means to be queer and have a learning disability

Saudi Arabian lesbian couple declare their love to the world on Arabic TV show

Pete Buttigieg with a beard

Pete Buttigieg with a beard is the internet’s new daddy-in-chief

Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy reveal plans for LGBT rights in first 100 days of leadership

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