17 February 2020

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Cher and Amanda Seyfried / Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

The internet wants Cher and Amanda Seyfried to star in Disney’s live-action Rapunzel remake

Nicholas Meriwether lost his legal case against Shawnee State University

Professor loses landmark legal battle after claiming it’s ‘free speech’ to deliberately misgender trans students

Teens sue Arizona over Medicaid ban on transgender healthcare

Trans woman wants an apology from Netherlands government after she was forced into being sterilised

Russia: Demand for HIV testing up 5,500 per cent in under a week

Demand for HIV testing in Russia increases by 5,500 per cent in less than a week. Here’s why

Aisha Mughal trans Pakistan United Nations

Trans woman makes history representing Pakistan at United Nations

Nominations are now open for the PinkNews Awards 2020

Rev. Kori Pacyniak, the newly-ordained pastor of San Diego’s Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community

Non-binary bisexual Catholic priest wants you to know people of all genders are created in God’s image

Dennis Guth: Republican wants to create a database of people's sexuality

Republican wants to create a record of people’s sexual orientation and hand down harsh penalties to those who lie

Ryan Kelly homophobic attack

Gay man called ‘f****t’ and left beaten and bloodied after being falsely accused of flirting

Rush Limbaugh being given the medal of freedom by Melania Trump / Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg’s shut down of anti-gay commentator Rush Limbaugh is so perfect it belongs in a museum

Franklin Graham takes the stage at a Trump rally

To the surprise of nobody, Franklin Graham is back to hating on gay people, after denying he’s a hate preacher

Summer Walker

Summer Walker accused of discriminating against HIV-positive people with crude Instagram post

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