James Charles transformed himself into Dua Lipa and the internet has several thoughts

Reiss Smith February 13, 2020
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James Charles and Dua Lipa

James Charles and Dua Lipa. Or is that James Charles and James Charles? (YouTube/James Charles/Getty)

James Charles finally addressed the rumour that he’s actually Dua Lipa in a new YouTube video.

The rumour that Charles has been masquerading as the “Physical” singer has been doing the rounds for a while now, prompting him to “finally address” the topic in a new post.

“I’ve avoided this completely,” Charles says in his latest YouTube video.

“But I’ve gotten thousands of comments, there have been news articles written about it, there have been countless tweets that go ridiculously viral…all asking, ‘James, are you Dua Lipa?'”

Armed with some lime green eye shadow, hot pink blush and a two-tone wig, Charles transforms himself into an eerily realistic version of his dopplegänger.

“Oh my god you guys, I just did a full 180, crazy,” he laughs.

Fans were divided by the makeover, with some remaining convinced that James is precisely who he says he isn’t.

One YouTube follower pointed out that Charles’s insistence that “unfortunately, [he is] not Dua Lipa” is “exactly what someone hiding the fact they are secretly Dua Lipa would say”.

Another unconvinced person asked why, in the video, “is Dua Lipa talking about herself in third person”?

The conspiracy deepened with the suggestion that at the video’s end, “Dua Lipa is actually lip syncing to James Charles”.

James Charles leaked his own phone number.

Lipa – the recently proclaimed “queen of the gays” – is yet to respond publicly to the video or indeed address whether she and Charles are one and the same.

But should she want to get in touch with him, she should have no problem seeing as Charles recently leaked his own phone number.

Claiming he’d found “the perfect solution” to let his fans get in touch, Charles shared his digits on an Instagram story before also posting it on Twitter.

Within hours he’d received “more than 100,000 messages”, with fans reporting that they’d received automated responses.

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