A queer bar hosted a Pokemon drag battle and it was super effective

Reiss Smith February 7, 2020
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Drag queens dressed as Pikachu and Charmander

A troupe of drag artists performed as Pokemon including Pikachu and Charmander. (Troupe 429)

Drag queens and kings dressed as Pokemon for a one-of-a-kind battle.

It’s an established fact that Pokemon is the team sport of the gays, so it makes complete and perfect sense that a troupe of drag queens would see fit to stage their own PokeBattle.

Crowds at Troupe 429 in Norwalk, Connecticut, cheered on as Ash (Frankie M Cyanide) pummelled Team Rocket villain Jessie (Miss Chevious) and gagged as Meowth (Angelina D’amor) did a jump-split off the stage.

There were also appearances by a host of queer faves: Charizard (Robin Richard) twirling to the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Burnin’ Up’, a lip-syncing Pikachu (Sienna Rose) and a truly iconic Jigglypuff (Kamikaze Jones), with Jynx (Anita Manager) and Psyduck (DJ OMG Yaaas Kween) completing the set.

The Haus of Troupe429 said a Pokemon drag battle was “a natural choice” for its first-ever production.

“We wanted it to be campy and magical,” they told PinkNews.

“The cast is our family of drag queens and drag king that live and work in Norwalk and surrounding towns – an area that had no drag scene prior to us opening in November 2017.

“It was fitting to kick-off with a show like Pokemon, which deals with the evolution of characters, as each performer has used our stage to elevate their craft while balancing their jobs, relationships and overcoming internal hurdles.

“What we love about our performers is that each of them brings ideas to the table during rehearsals, from choreo to script, and they support each other as artists and as a second family. It was a packed house and we’re super proud of all of them.”

The battle comes hot on the heels of a Pokemon-Drag Race crossover that left the internet gagging.

Sindre Johnsen dragged up Ekans and Kaffing for a main stage critique.

“Ekans, it’s a piece of fabric with no shape to it. Why would you cover up your curves like that?” asks Jynx, as Michelle Visage.

“And Koffing honey, I wanted more body from you.”

“Ekans, Koffing, your Team Rocket failed to blast off,” says Lopunny, as RuPaul.

The animation was one of a series of crossovers by Johnsen, who is best known on Instagram for his Drag Queen Pokemon trainer series.

“I wanted to mix my current queer interests with the nostalgia from my childhood, making something both the six-year-old and the 27-year-old me would enjoy,” the Norwegian artist told PinkNews.

Pokemon is fun, campy, doesn’t really take itself too seriously and is pretty non-gendered.”

In October 2019 Pokemon GO appeared to introduce its first-ever non-binary trainer.

Fans had long questioned how team leader Blanche identified because they had avoided using pronouns completely.

But in a blog post, the game’s makers confirmed that Blache preferred they/them pronouns.

While it’s important to note that not all non-binary people use they/them pronouns, and not all people who use they/them pronouns identify as non-binary, Blanche’s pronouns appeared to confirm what had until then only been hinted at.

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