Talk show host Bill Maher brands transgender issues ‘crazy stuff’ in attack on Elizabeth Warren

Nick Duffy February 5, 2020
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HBO host Bill Maher hit out at Elizabeth Warren

HBO host Bill Maher hit out at Elizabeth Warren (Michael Kovac/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization )

HBO host Bill Maher has hit out at Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren for caring about “crazy” transgender issues.

The Real Time with Bill Maher talk show host, who has repeatedly criticised Democrats for expressing their support for trans equality, turned his fire on Warren on Friday.

The left-wing presidential hopeful had vowed to appoint a trans ally to the role of education secretary, after Trump official Betsy DeVos stripped nearly all of the civil rights protections for transgender children.

At a campaign rally in Iowa last week, Warren said she would ask a young transgender boy who she met on the campaign trail to help vet her picks.

Bill Maher hits out at ‘crazy’ trans issues

Venting about the issue on Real Talk, Maher said: “Bernie’s always the same guy. Elizabeth Warren, who I’ve always liked, but she kind of like did some stuff I didn’t like.

“Today she came out, listen to this, she wants her secretary of education to be vetted by a high school student, I’m not kidding.

“She said a young trans person, I believe in high school, ‘I’m going to have a secretary of education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf, and only if this person believes our secretary of education nominee is absolutely committed’… now Obama said people just don’t want crazy stuff.

“Is this not crazy stuff? Is she running for president of Berkeley?”

TV host Bill Maher
TV host Bill Maher (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Maher’s panellists went on to describe trans equality as a “boutique issue in a Walmart nation.”

Talk show host has claimed it’s ‘not unreasonable’ to discriminate against trans people

Incidentally, President Obama made no secret of his support for trans equality, putting in place the rights protections for trans kids that Trump and DeVos have worked to undermine.

Maher host previously said that a guest who wanted to ban trans women from using female toilets was “not unreasonable.”

He also hit out at Democrats for showing their support for trans rights in 2016.

At the time, Maher said: “[I’m not] suggesting that we through the transgendered under the bus or discount their struggle… but this is the kind of culture-war issue that rouses a certain type of voter out of their trailers on election day.”

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