Cowardly bridezilla kicked a gay bridesmaid out of her wedding party to appease her homophobic in-laws

Josh Milton February 5, 2020
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Bridezilla kicked gay bridesmaid out of wedding to please anti-gay in-laws


A bridezilla booted her gay bridesmaid out of her wedding to appease her homophobic family-in-laws and, lord, are we really still doing this in 2020?

News to us.

Posting in the subreddit r/AmITheA**hole, which sees users be the jurors of people’s lives and decide if they are in the wrong, a user sketched out the snub by her friend Kelly towards Ellis, who is a queer woman.

Kelly asked Ellis to be a bridesmaid. Ellis’s partner, Anita, was also invited by the bride, and the pair themselves are set to get hitched this year.

Wife-to-be boots queer bridesmaid over her sexuality. 

But Kelly’s family-in-law thinks differently, and they allegedly launched tirade of homophobic slurs at Ellis.

“Well last night Kelly texted Ellis and told her she’s no long a bridesmaid, she and her partner aren’t welcome to the wedding,” she wrote in the reddit post.

“Ellis was confused and pressed for a reason. Turns out Kelly’s [family-in-laws] are furious, ‘f**king gay sluts’, are attending their wedding.

“It’s a sacred place and dirty h**s have no business being there.”

Getting stonewalled from her friend’s wedding was grating for Ellis, who ended up crying well into the night.

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“So, I called Kelly and asked [what the f**k] is going on. She tells me it’s no big deal, she’s only missing a plate of food and she will make it up to her.

“She also has the nerve to tell me to ask Ellis to lend her the bridesmaid dress because she found someone to replace her. So it wouldn’t look uneven at the wedding.”

The redditor didn’t take Kelly’s request too kindly, however. “I told her she’s the sh**tiest piece of s**t I have ever met,” like the true ally she is.

She also ended up ditching Kelly’s wedding in solidarity with Ellis, with her own boyfriend ringing the groom up to let him know he’s refusing to be the best man, too.

But the plot thickened when Kelly’s maid-in-honour calls the user up, tossing profanity at the user for standing up for her pal.

“I’m honestly glad I bowed out,” she added, “but I’m left wondering if I should’ve just kept to myself”.

So, internet, is she the a**hole?

Countless redditors rally in OP’s favour for standing up to the bridezilla and the homophobes.

“Not the a**hole,” one redditor responded. “Go you for sticking up for your friend.”

Another added: “You are perfectly modelling what to do when presented with evidence that someone in your life is an unrepentant bigot.”

Respect for the LGBT+ community; model’s own.

Some users scrutinised Kelly: “By accommodating them and by not challenging them, Kelly is homophobic.

“She also doesn’t realise how big this is. She thinks that Ellis is upset about not going to the wedding.

“She’s upset because her friend didn’t defend her.”

Fiancé ends up calling off the bridezilla wedding. 

In a follow-up edit to there post, the now ex-bridesmaid said that fiancé of the bridezilla, Eric, found out about the sour situation and apologised.

He said that Kelly misinterpreted his family’s “homophobic” comments, and that his family never wanted Ellis to be kicked out of the wedding.

Sure, Jan. Wonder if it’s Eric Tropicana or Glass?

But in a restaurant, Eric approached the user: “His father made an off-hand comment which translates to, ‘What’s a good girl like Ellis doing with another woman?’,” he claimed.

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“His mother said, ‘Children these days thinks different, you antique cow shouldn’t talk so much.’ Kelly took it upon herself to interpret that her future-in-laws meant they hated homosexuals.”

But Eric’s redemption arc was completed after he apparently called off thew wedding, being concerned whether Kelly “is the right match for him.”

“Either way, Ellis and I feel incredibly guilty for how it all went down,” the OP concluded.

“We’ve known Kelly for over a decade and we don’t want to see her go down in flames. It’s a pity that a friendship had to end this way over a single day.”

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