Here’s an exclusive look at Billy Porter basically playing Billy Porter in new film Like A Boss

Josh Milton February 5, 2020
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Billy Porter stars as Barrett in upcoming film, Like A Boss. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Billy Porter stars as Barrett in upcoming film, Like A Boss. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Sugar, spice, and the holy trinity of funny actors. These were the perfect ingredients to make the perfect comedy film.

But director Miguel Arteta accidentally added an extra ingredient; the intense, overwhelmingly fabulousness of Billy Porter.

And, thus, Like A Boss was born. The upcoming film stars Porter alongside the legendary acting trio that is: Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne.

PinkNews were truly blessed to be given an exclusive clip of the film, which hits UK theatres February 21.

What is Like A Boss about?

The Pose star, 50, plays a chemist for the beauty company that the trio run, in a film that explores the, at times, clashing worlds of high-stakes grooming and friendship.

The film follows two best pals Mia and Mel – Haddish and Byrne –who live, work and play as a pair.

Mia and Mel end up flogging a skate of their struggling artisan makeup company to Claire Luna (Hayek), a beauty titan as ruthless as she is glamorous.

The clip sees Mia and Mel have to fire Barrett (Porter).

(Paramount Pictures Corporation/IMDb)
Billy porter (R) and Rose Tiffany Haddish in Like A Boss. (Paramount Pictures Corporation/IMDb)

“Shame on our house,” Barrett bellows.

Mel desperately tried to reassure him that it wasn’t their idea, but the pair slip into a feud about whether they should have sold a part of their falling company.

“Hey! Witness, my, tragic, moment,” cuts Barrett, ensuring the spotlight is on him as silence falls Mia and Mel.

He then puts his clear frames back on, flourishes his napkin from his lap and rises to leave. All while never breaking eye contact with the women.

Barrett eventually glides out of the packed restaurant, but not before longingly leaning on the windows as he departs for one final, very extended glance at his co-workers and friends.

Billy Porter: ‘Always love, but you have to tell the truth.’

Speaking to HOLA!, Porter said that the message of the scene is a simple one.

“Always love, but you have to tell the truth,” he said.

“It’s hard sometimes. You just have to remember the love part.

“You’re not trying to take somebody down, you’re trying to illuminate. It’s hard.

Billy Porter attends the 91st Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood wearing his iconic tuxedo gown. (Dan MacMedan/Getty Images)

“To be on the giving side of that and the receiving side. You have to be open to that.”

Porter also explained that the acting in the scene was natural for him and the cast, so it didn’t take many takes to get perfect.

“It wasn’t a lot of takes!” he said, “you know I think they turned the camera around me, and we just did it three times for safety.

“That’s the thing, when it’s right, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

“We’re being authentic, we weren’t trying to be anything else, so you just saddle up to that table and just be present and respond.

“Listen and receive and respond and that’s what we did. And I’m so glad it’s being received in this way!”


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