Donald Trump called journalist with a transgender parent ‘that b***h with the t****y dad’

Reiss Smith February 3, 2020
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Katy Tur, Donald Trump, Zoey Tur

Donald Trump has been accused of using misogynistic and transphobic language towards Katy (L) and Zoey Tur (R). (Getty)

Donald Trump once called journalist Katy Tur, whose parent is a transgender woman, “that b***h with the t****y dad,” an explosive new book claims.

Trump reportedly used misogynistic and transphobic slurs after being interviewed by Katy Tur in the early days of his presidential campaign.

During the sit-down, Katy – then an NBC News correspondent – questioned Trump’s use of divisive language, earning a hostile response from the now-president.

The following year, Trump called “Little Katy” a “third-rate journalist” during a campaign rally. But according to two Daily Beast staffers, his remarks in private were much worse

In an excerpt from their new book Sinking in the Swamp, Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng accuse Trump of calling Katy “that b***h with the t****y dad”.

The journalist is the daughter of Zoey Tur (who she calls dad), a journalist and helicopter pilot best-known for her coverage of OJ Simpson’s 1994 low-speed car chase.

Zoey is another outspoken critic of Trump’s, having called him a “fascist” and “mentally ill” during his election campaign.

Following the allegations, Zoey replied with a reference to Trump’s penis, once memorably described by Stormy Daniels as “smaller than average… like the mushroom character in Mario Kart”.

Donald Trump ‘called Meghan McCain fat’.

The book presents Trump as regularly using offensive and misogynistic language towards women who dare to criticise him.

It claims that the “media-obsessed president” would exercise “cathartic minutes of hate” against Meghan McCain, who called him pathetic compared to her late father John McCain.

After Meghan made her comments on a March 2019 episode of The View, Trump reportedly remarked to a friend: “She’s been getting fatter,” and insisted that she is “dumber” than her father.

During these alleged conversations Trump was said to be “aggressively fixated on what an awful TV host [Meghan] was”.

An excerpt claimed the president had “rambled on and on about how nobody would care about who she was or what she had to say” were it not for her “generic proximity” to her father.

Markay and Suebsaeng wrote: “This was said without a hint of self-awareness, given the forty-fifth president’s last name, the cushy White House jobs afforded to his daughter and son-in-law, the interventions on their behalves when they were unable to secure government security clearances, and the nepotism undergirding Trump’s own rise in New York real estate, to say nothing of the well-maintained fortunes of Tiffany, Eric, Don Jr, and so forth.”

PinkNews has contacted the White House for comment.

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