3 February 2020

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Oxford university bans vicars and tarts parties to help non-binary students

University bans ‘vicars and tarts’ parties to better protect non-binary students

Butterfly transgender dating app

Trailblazing transgender dating app automatically corrects transphobic language

GRA inquiry: Tell the women and equalities committee about trans equality

Meet the straight, white, cisgender, middle class Tory who wants you to state your pronouns to support trans folk


Gay men living with HIV have a misconception about their viral load, study finds

Jabar Hussain: Dad prefers jail to his son being taught LGBT inclusive education

Dad would rather go to jail than have his son taught ‘it’s OK to be gay’

Katy Tur, Donald Trump, Zoey Tur

Donald Trump called journalist with a transgender parent ‘that b***h with the t****y dad’

Man wife gay

This guy thinks his wife is gay because she has ‘intense friendships’ with other women. Yes, really

Harvey Weinstein accuser suggests he is intersex as he has no testicles

Harvey Weinstein accuser claims he is intersex as he has no testicles, Weinstein says it’s a ‘perfect’ description

Visibility of LGBT people in adverts increasesacceptance, confirms study

The new Starbucks ad about a trans man changing his name has melted the internet

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson continued to slay on Super Bowl Sunday. Or should we say, Janet Jackson Appreciation Day

Lil Nas X as a fairy type Pokémon trainer? It was super effective! (David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Lil Nas X and Coronation Street is the ambitious crossover we never knew we needed

Shane First Dates Ireland HIV

Badminton star candidly talks about being HIV-positive in landmark ‘stigma-busting’ episode of First Dates

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