This angry white man is absolutely raging over a feminist choir singing about their vaginas

Lily Wakefield January 23, 2020
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feminist choir

The feminist choir sang "Party in my P***y" in a library. (lPeterSweden7/ Twitter)

A very angry right-wing journalist has taken to social media to express his rage that a feminist choir sang a song about their vaginas.

PeterSweden, whose real name is Peter Imanuelsen, is an anti-trans, anti-gay, anti-feminist journalist who thinks the gender pay gay is a “myth” and that women belong in the home.

He shared a video on Twitter of a group of women standing in a circle around another woman lying on the floor, singing a choral rendition of a song presumably called “Party in my P***y”.

But, instead of complimenting the women’s harmonies, he wrote: “This is what has become of Sweden. A feminist choir singing ‘there’s a party in my p***y’.

“And guess what… One of the women is in fact a politician for the ruling socialist party. We are screwed. I literally don’t have words for this.”

Imanuelsen did not clarify which politician he was claiming featured in the video.

Although the concept of a “feminist choir” singing about vaginas sounds pretty cool, it is likely that Imanuelsen meant the term as an insult.

He wrote on Twitter in 2017: “So called feminism was never about ‘women’s rights’. It was about greedy corporate bosses that thought it’d be a good idea to take the women out of the home and into the office to make them more money.”

His followers quickly jumped in to agree that the choir must be made up of “pagans“, “nut bags” and “bats**t communistas“.

One PeterSweden fan wrote: “I’m ashamed the word ‘feminine’ is even a root word for this travesty of an organisation.

“Why any man would touch any of these women after this is beyond me. Sick and perverted and literal insanity.”

Another even insisted that by literally just singing a song, the women were “offering an open invitation” to be sexually assaulted.

Although the majority of comments were lamenting the existence of feminism and women in general, a sacred few praised the “Party in my P***y” performance as “true art”.

One person wrote: “F**K this is so iconic. The extremely strong lesbian witch vibes this gives off.

“The fact that one of them is a politician. The woman lying in the ground in the middle. The fact it’s in Sweden. True art.”

Imanuelsen has previously said that he is against same-sex marriage, and has claimed that gay people have the “same human rights that everyone else has”.

The journalist denies that his views are discriminatory, and insists that he has the “most diverse friends you have ever seen”.

He added: “Three of my best friends are actually a black guy, a homosexual and the other Jewish.”

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