21 January 2020

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Pro-transgender coalition ask to join High Court puberty blockers appeal

Trans woman abandons court fight for the right to see her ultra-Orthodox Jewish children

TikTok user Lauren documented her first date and it's aggressively adorable. (Screen captures via TikTok)

These queer women documented their first date on TikTok and it’s the love story we need in this dark world

gender confirmation Surgery

Indian man accused of ‘duping’ woman into gender confirmation surgery with promise of marriage

Frenchy Morgan on the Barcroft TV documentary exploring her journey to looking like a human "anime doll". (Barcroft TV)

Bisexual reality TV star to undergo seven surgeries to look like her ‘favourite anime doll’

Israel confirms being trans is not a mental disorder in ‘important step'

Jerusalem will allow homophobic billboards after intervention from Israel’s attorney general

Jeremy Irons Berlin Film Festival

Film festival bosses blasted for choosing Jeremy Irons as jury head despite controversial views on same-sex marriage

Nicole Jones wearing an LGB Alliance t-shirt

Bisexual woman ‘kicked out’ of Glasgow queer club over LGB Alliance t-shirt reports incident to the police

Woman cuts contact with sister for keeping her baby's gender a secret

Straight woman cuts contact with her sister because she kept her own baby’s gender a secret. Yes, really

Sabrina Haake is running for congress in the home state of Mike Pence.

Lesbian environmentalist runs for congress in the home state of Mike Pence

Bayard Rustin

Democrat politicians want to posthumously pardon iconic gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox – the white man who thinks racism is ‘boring’ – is now deliberately misgendering a fictional trans woman

open marriage

This gay guy’s family for some reason thinks his open marriage is any of their business

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