Bisexual woman claims Glasgow queer bar kicked her out for wearing LGB Alliance T-shirt

Vic Parsons January 19, 2020
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The woman said it was "absolutely ridiculous" she was kicked out of The Polo Lounge for wearing an 'LGB Alliance' T-shirt. (Twitter)

A Scottish woman said it was “absolutely ridiculous” that she was kicked out of an LGBT+ bar in Glasgow this weekend for wearing an “LGB Alliance” T-shirt.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that she was thrown out after refusing to reverse her T-shirt, which would have hidden the “LGB Alliance” slogan.

“I’ve just been removed because trans people – who I didn’t even see – said I was threatening to them or something,” she said.

“Don’t I have the right to support lesbians, gays and bisexuals?” she asked. “But they’ve [trans people] got some weird ultimate power where they can get me kicked out of a club because they don’t like an acronym on a T-shirt.

The LGB Alliance is an anti-trans groups whose mission statement explicitly seeks to remove the “T” from “LGBT”.

In the video, which was posted on Twitter today, she claimed she had been thrown out of The Polo Lounge in Glasgow for wearing an LGB Alliance T-shirt “due to complaints from trans people”.

“I don’t see what the problem is?” tweeted political journalist Marie Le Conte in response.

“If you go into an LGBT space wearing clothing that purposely marginalises the T, you know exactly what you’re doing.”

In the video, she says she’s “just been to the LGB Alliance” – referring to the group’s event at Òran Mór, a church turned conference venue, in Glasgow on January 18.

The LGB Alliance, which has crowdfunded over £44,000 to “assert the right of homosexuals to call themselves same-sex attracted”, held the event to launch its opposition to proposed reforms of gender recognition laws in Scotland.

Attendees sang songs with the lyrics “We are women with vaginas… what the fuck is wrong with you” and listened to panellists saying that “LGBT clubs in schools are negatively impacting girls“.

It was later that evening that she wore her LGB Alliance T-Shirt to The Polo Lounge, one of Glasgow’s biggest LGBT+ clubs.

LGBT+ people on Twitter were not surprised that she was removed from the LGBT+ bar for wearing a T-shirt that removes the “T” from “LGBT”.

Comedian Avery Edison tweeted: “Wow, an explicitly transphobic hate group’s merchandise is not tolerated in a LGBTQ space, what a shock. Nice work, Polo!”

When a person replied to Edison’s tweet questioning why the woman had been thrown out, Edison added: “Happy to clear this up—it’s because she was wearing paraphernalia of a hate group targeting a segment of the LGBTQ community.”

An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the woman in the video. This has been updated.

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