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Billionaire presidential hopeful Tom Steyer couldn’t answer an extremely basic question about his own LGBT asylum policy

Nick Duffy January 15, 2020
Democratic presidential hopeful billionaire and philanthropist Tom Steyer

Democratic presidential hopeful billionaire and philanthropist Tom Steyer (KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)

Billionaire Democrat Presidential hopeful Tom Steyer was clueless during an interview after being asked a basic question about his own comments on LGBT+ asylum seekers.

The hedge fund manager and philanthropist was asked by the New York Times about his policy on LGBT+ asylum seekers, which he had mentioned during an LGBT+ town hall event.

Tom Steyer ‘not sure’ what his own LGBT+ asylum pledge means

During the CNN event in October, Steyer had been challenged on whether he would put in place measures to bolster health care access to help LGBT+ asylum seekers in detention centres.

At the time, he had responded: “Of course we will. I mean, what we’ve seen from ICE in terms of inhumanity, this is a perfect example… I think it’s absolutely critical for the United States of America to treat people in a humane and decent fashion.”

However, in the interview with the Times editorial board published Monday, Steyer appeared clueless about his own remarks.

Democratic presidential hopeful billionaire-philanthropist Tom Steyer
Democratic presidential hopeful billionaire-philanthropist Tom Steyer (ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

When his comments about LGBT+ asylum seekers were brought up, he said: “Could you remind me what I said?”

When interviewer Jeneen Interlandi explained that “you said that you would increase oversight of health care access for LGBTQ [people],” Steyer confessed: “I’m not sure I know what that means.”

He added: “I’d like to see the language on that.”

Tom Steyer says he will reverse Trump attacks on LGBT+ anti-discrimination protections

Steyer does not currently detail an LGBT+ policy plan on his campaign website, unlike several of his rivals.

However, he is a supporter of LGBT+ rights – and following the publication of the interview on Monday, made clear he would reverse Trump-era attacks on LGBT+ people.

He said: “Under the cover of the new year, Trump’s Interior Secretary removed LGBTQ protections from his department’s anti-discrimination guidelines. In my administration, the full recognition of sexual orientation and gender identity will be restored.”

Steyer has previously criticised the appointment of Mike Pence as Vice President because of his anti-LGBT views.

He said: “I thought it was classic that Trump chose someone who had vilified another part of our community — the LGBT part of our community.”

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