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The Vivienne clarifies position on pronouns after fans thought she agreed with Boy George’s ‘transphobia’

Josh Milton January 10, 2020
The Vivienne

Drag Race UK's contestant and winner The Vivienne came under fire for seemingly supporting Boy George's anti-trans comments. (Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne was caught in a crossfire of criticism after she appeared to come out in support of Boy George’s anti-trans Twitter tirade, but she has since apologised for the confusion.

This week, the Culture Club singer, for some reason, attacked trans folk. Calling pronouns a “modern form of attention seeking” and said people should “leave [their] pronouns at the door”.

During the mess of anger and confusion at George’s comments, The Vivienne was dragged into the drama when she responded to another user who said: “Every venomous, deranged tweet I come across has a pronounced [sic] bio attached to it.”

“This!” the Vivienne replied, a single word that ignited fury from LGBT+ people.

Why did she seemingly support Boy George?

Her response appeared to be fuelled by a recent bout of controversy she encountered.

While on Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year, she presented a “drag slang” round, asking the celebrity contestants the meanings of terms such as “gag“, “spilling the tea” and “fishy”.

She didn’t provide a definition for the last term, but nodded when one contestant said it was used to describe a queen who looked like “a real woman”.

After the show aired a number of people, including drag prinx Chiyo, criticised the use of the word.

“This term is rooted in the brutal misogyny that has always existed in the gay community, and is heavily transphobic,” Chiyo tweeted.

“It directly links womanhood to vaginas, and vaginas to a nasty stinky smell.”

The Vivienne: ‘I’d like everybody to respect and understand other people pronouns.’

“I apologise if anybody was offended, never my intention, never my narrative,” The Vivienne hit back during her second round of controversy in a pair of since deleted tweets.

“Learn, grow.”

She then added in a follow-up tweet: “I’d like everybody to respect and understand other people pronouns, I’ve done nothing but fight for this for years.

“That’s all.”

However, many Twitter users were sufficiently unimpressed with her apology, with some calling on her to “delete them”.

But when she appeared to have done exactly that, it only prompted further fury from her followers and the wider community:

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