Donald Trump’s new campaign adviser thinks HIV and AIDS is punishment from God for homosexuality

Emma Powys Maurice January 9, 2020
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump reportedly hired Ellis as he was impressed by her TV appearances (Facebook/Jenna Ellis)

Surprise surprise, Donald Trump has appointed a campaign advisor who promotes conversion therapy and thinks HIV in gay men is “God’s moral law.”

Anti-LGBT+ extremist Jenna Ellis is a right-wing news pundit and former constitutional law attorney. She does nothing to hide her strongly homophobic views and has a long history of tirades against “the homosexual lifestyle” and the “LGBT agenda.”

Trump appointed her for the senior role as he was impressed by Ellis’ TV appearances, Axios reported. He also indicated that he wanted to give her a bigger job, and his team briefly discussed bringing her into the White House.

Ellis is a vocal Christian who believes gay and bisexual men have higher rates of HIV because “we cannot escape God’s moral law and His supremacy.” She has also claimed that Christians cannot follow God while they accept, condone, or participate in homosexuality.

She attacked the out Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg for being a gay Christian, writing on Facebook: “If Pete Buttigieg is going to invoke the name of his Creator, he should read for himself what his Creator says about homosexuality in the Bible. Truth doesn’t change, regardless of the culture or the Dems’ identity politics.”

When same-sex marriage was legalised in the US, Ellis lamented that the decision “told the LGBT community that their homosexual lifestyle was not just legal privately, but morally validated openly through government recognition and social celebration and therefore equally as valued as heterosexual unions.”

And after the mass shooting at Pulse LGBT+ nightclub in 2016, she responded with a column entitled ‘Two Wrongs Do Not Make an LGBT Right,’ which bemoaned the fact that the massacre was being used to “embrace” homosexuality.

“Let me be clear – the Orlando shooting was absolutely terrible and tragic. But the response to this tragedy should not be embracing and advocating for gay rights,” she said.

Not content with merely making vile comments, Ellis has actively worked against conversion therapy bans, testifying in 2019 at a Colorado House committee hearing against a bill protecting youth from the harmful and discredited practice.

“She gets it,” Donald Trump reportedly told a Daily Beast source.

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