This self-described ‘bloke’ is worried putting fruit beer up his a** is ‘gay’, suggests using ‘manly beer’ instead

Josh Milton January 9, 2020
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Australian comedian Alex Williamson poked fun at the ways men protect their masculinity in a viral video. (Screenshots via Instagram)

Australian comedian Alex Williamson poked fun at the ways men protect their masculinity in a viral video. (Screenshots via Instagram)

Fellas, is it gay to put a bottle of fruit beer up your a**? That’s the question an Australian comedian has asked in a viral video that pokes fun out of fragile masculinity.

Straight men really do have it tough, living a life where appreciating sunsets, fruity cocktails and recycling are strictly off limits, where their efforts to form straight prides are met with opposition and they are burdened with earning more money than their queer counterparts.

Of course, ‘not all straight men’ are like this, but YouTuber Alex Williamson parodied the ways that guys will tread the lines of fragile masculinity to keep their place in the hierarchy in an Instagram video.

The 31-year-old regularly drops satirical clips spoofing everything from the moment your friend tells a story that had no relation to the conversation to how ‘Aussies fix global warming’. He is doing the Lord’s work.

Australian comedian Alex Williamson spoofs the lengths men will go to protect their masculinity.

In the video uploaded today, it sees Alex Williamson play both parts in a conversion between two bros just being bros as they set-up for a party, but one of the guys finds out he only has watermelon beer in the fridge.

“F**k,” the first guy says, “I’ve only got pink Cruisers, do you think that will look a little bit gay?”

But his buddy has his back, giving the ancient advice: “Just say you’re only drinking them at this party because some chick left them in your fridge.”

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Does this look a bit gay?

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“Oh,” he replies, “I’m not drinking it, I’m thinking of putting it up my a** and pretending it’s a thick c**k.”

And that, dear reader, is what is called a plot twist.

So, what out of the straight guy playbook can be used in this scenario? “In that case, you’ll probably need a beer, otherwise, yeah, that might look a little bit gay,”

The friend then hands him a ‘manly’ beer – straight guy rights! – before passing the sage advice to use a condom on the bottle, “so you can still drink it after”.

“Or would that be a bit gay?”

He then asks his friend to so something that is perhaps, maybe, possibly, potentially, could be “borderline [gay]”: “Do you wanna do it to me?”

However, his friends has his back yet again: “It would probably just look like we’re two lads, you know, messing about and what not.”

Williamson’s video went viral, tallying more than 1000,000 views in a few hours.

“Nah mate,” one user commented, “anything between two blokes isn’t gay, it’s just twice as manly,”

Another added: “Lotta grey area here.”

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