7 January 2020

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Family Research Council President Tony Perkins delivers remarks at the opening of the council's Value Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel September 21, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Trump ‘religious freedom’ commissioner praises Zambia over jailing of two gay men for simply loving one another

A Twitter thread has gone viral for setting the standard of homophobia for years to come. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Woman writes ‘eight powerful signs to catch those gays’ and the bar for homophobia has been set for 2020

Jamie Windust

Non-binary activist Jamie Windust makes emphatic call for cis people to start showing up for the trans community


Queer teens flood TikTok with hilariously dark Mike Pence ‘conversion camp’ memes

Jake and Hannah Graf

Trans couple Jake and Hannah Graf say expecting their first baby ‘feels like a dream come true’

Kenyan gay and lesbian organisations demonstrate outside the Nigerian High Commission in Nairobi, one holding a yellow sign that reads: 'Nigeria: LGBTI, We are together'

Nigerian university graduates arrested for simply being gay in heinous Sharia law police raid

Alex Jones (L) thinks Michelle Obama is trans and we are so very tired. (Getty Images)

Conspiracy theorist claims Michelle Obama is transgender and we’re so very, very tired

Wannabe catfishes take note! This Grindr user has earned the dishonour of being one of the worst catfish attempts ever made on Grindr. (Twitter)

Stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, because we’ve found the absolute worst catfish in the history of Grindr

President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen

President of Taiwan, who helped legalise same-sex marriage, hit with wave of homophobic fake news ahead of election

Gabriel Fernandez of Palmdale was pelted with abuse for years but his mother and her partner. (Screenshot via ABC7)

Social workers cleared after mum tortured her eight-year-old son to death because she thought he was gay

Kathleen Stock

‘Gender critical’ academic claims she was personally victimised by transgender flags put up to protest Donald Trump


Philippines Supreme Court rejects ‘with finality’ last bid for same-sex marriage in damning blow to the community

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