The internet thinks John Barrowman is The Masked Singer’s rainbow-maned unicorn because obviously

Reiss Smith January 6, 2020
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John Barrowman and The Masked Singer's Unicorn

Famously introverted performer John Barrowman has been accused of moonlighting as The Masked Singer's Unicorn. (Getty/ITV)

The Masked Singer is without doubt the most bizarre television show to grace screens in recent years. So naturally people think that John Barrowman is part of it.

After years of relative normalcy when it comes to Saturday night television, ITV decided to jump well and truly off the deep end in 2020 with the arrival of The Masked Singer.

The central conceit is simple, if a little strange. Twelve celebrities sing for four judges and a live studio audience while wearing massive, cartoonish costumes that completely hide their identities.

Throughout the performances the judges try to guess who is behind each mask, before choosing one celebrity to reveal themselves and leave the competition.

It is – and we cannot stress this enough – the most incredibly weird thing we’ve seen in some time, and so far the UK appears to be hooked.

More than 5 million viewers tuned in on Saturday, with 4.2 million watching the second episode on Sunday – more than the average of 2.6 million who tuned into the recent X Factor: Celebrity final.

The weekend’s double-bill revealed the first two celebrities as Patsy Palmer of EastEnders fame and former home secretary(!) Alan Johnson.

As for the remaining contestants, the judges’ guesses ranged from Kylie Minogue and Sir Ian McKellen to Angela Lansbury, stars who might be a little above ITV’s talent budget.

On Twitter, viewers took great joy in trying to land a few more realistic guesses, with one name coming up more than any other: John Barrowman.

Swathes of fans are convinced that the Doctor Who actor is the rainbow-maned unicorn, who gave a camp and theatrical rendition of Kate Bush’s ‘Babooshka’.

Barrowman was confronted over his alleged secret identity on Sunday as he made his debut as a judge on ITV’s other big reality show, Dancing on Ice.

Host Phillip Schofield lead the inquisition, saying: “If last night’s show is anything to go by it seems one of our judges is leading a secret life.”

Co-presenter Holly Willoughby continued: “I’m only going to ask you this once: are you or are you not moonlighting as a Kate Bush-loving unicorn?”

Barrowman was sheepish, but viewers needed no further convincing.

As well as Barrowman, viewers are also certain that Courtney Act is taking part in the show.

Act is no stranger to reality TV, having competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Australian Idol, Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing With The Stars among other shows.

Incredibly, it also appears that music legend Kelis is moonlighting as The Daisy, who has a similarly raspy tone.

The Masked Singer continues on ITV on Saturday January 11 at 7pm.

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