Tory Brexiteer makes the brave decision to ‘come out as heterosexual’ and we’re so very, very tired

Lily Wakefield January 5, 2020
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Brexiteer comes out as heterosexual

A woman wears a Make Britain Great Again hat at a Brexit Party rally. (Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

A Tory Brexiteer named Andy has made the brave decision to “come out as heterosexual” on social media and everyone is so very tired.

Andy, whose Twitter handle is helpfully @AndyBrexiteer, decided to usher in the new decade by posting: “New year new beginning I have decided to finally come out in public and admit I’m heterosexual please support me in my hour of need.”

Almost an hour later, he clarified for anyone that wasn’t sure: “It gets worse I voted for Brexit too.”

While many of Andy’s proudly heterosexual pals thought his tweet was hilarious, others decided to let him know that it was, in fact, “homophobic hogwash”.

Confused as to why it may have been hurtful to the LGBT+ community, the same social media user clarified: “Coming out as gay can be the hardest thing many people do in their lives.

“People have been beaten, killed, abused, fired and ostracized for being gay.

“In case you didn’t realise about half of the worlds countries it is illegal to be gay. It’s legal to be straight everywhere.”

Others said that Andy’s coming out was unnecessary, as they had “guessed from [his] bio and generally sh*te tweets”.

Andy’s bio reads: “Proud Brexiteer & British Patriot preferred pronoun ‘He’ #Conservative party member #GotMyPrimeMinister #MBGA.”

In case it wasn’t clear, MBGA stands for “Make Britain Great Again”.

One Twitter user thought of the children of those congratulating Andy’s tweet, some of whom will be LGBT+, and wrote: “There are going to be a lot of sad and lonely LGBTQ children sitting in kitchens amongst this lot. Do the maths.”

Last week, lawmaker Andrew Adonis, who leapt into headlines late last year after coming out as gay, said that he doesn’t understand why politician Layla Moran coming out as pansexual was important.

But Andy has inadvertently proved exactly why, because people like him continue to mock queer people’s experiences and journeys.

Awkwardly, one of Andy’s “patriot” friends wasn’t quite sure of the difference between “heterosexual” and “homosexual”.

He wrote: “I am a biker and I love beaver and I don’t give a f*ck if you are gay Andy.

“Each to their own but this gender fluid bullocks that gets on my t*ts. What I do know you are a patriot as am I good luck with the future.”

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