It’s three days into 2020 and the internet has declared its first gay icon, Casualty star Amanda Henderson

Josh Milton January 3, 2020
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Amanda Henderson, who plays best known for playing Robyn Miller on Casualty, has been crowned a gay icon, the first of 2020. (Screen capture via BBC iPlayer)

Amanda Henderson, who plays best known for playing Robyn Miller on Casualty, has been crowned a gay icon, the first of 2020. (Screen capture via BBC iPlayer)

We’re now three days into 2020, and not only is World War III on the horizon, but the internet has officially welcomed its first LGBT+ icon, actor Amanda Henderson.

The roaring 20s have kicked off after the Casualty star unwittingly caused mass hysteria and face palms after she provided Greta Thunberg with a birthday present today – an entirely new name.

On an episode of Celebrity Mastermind, the 33-year-old perched herself on the black leather seat as host John Humphries pelted her with questions.

But her performance caused her to become an overnight sensation on the same day as Thunberg’s birthday. A true gift for the teen activist.

Amanda Henderson declared new gay icon after hilarious Celebrity Mastermind stint. 

Henderson smashed her specialist subject – songs from animated Disney films from 1989 to 1999 – but things took a meme-worthy turn when the general knowledge round hit.

“The 2019 book titled No-one Is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by Swedish climate change activist – what’s her name?”, asked the quizmaster.

Henderson’s face froze. Her vacant eyes staring into the depths of the dark void itself, her lips clamped shut in sharp agony before she did a panicked shrug.

The clock was ticking down, the audience’s breath bated and viewers yelled “Greta!” louder than when Thunberg screamed “How dare you!” at her United Nations address – what was Henderson going to say?

“Sharon,” she said.

‘Something very beautiful about watching some hitherto unknown quantity become a gay icon in real time.’

Henderson’s answer plunged the internet, nay, the world, further into chaos.

Australia is a burning hellscape and we’re apparently teetering into a global war, but somehow, she united the internet. Blessing us with the ultimate response to any question that seemingly has no answer.

How are we going to solve the Irish border problem vexing Brexit negotiations? Sharon.

When will Lady Gaga and Rihanna finally drop their new albums? Sharon.

Why is that guy from Grindr ghosting me so hard? Sharon.

Moreover, considering Thunberg’s expert level trolling abilities of adding insults and slurs from critics into her Twitter, we’re waiting for her to rename herself as ‘Sharon Thunberg’, to be honest.

But in the meantime, Twitter delivered with what it does best: memes. With many users both celebrating her new crowning as a gay icon as well as making jokes about Eastenders character Sharon Watts.

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