Gay rights movement officially cancelled after Grindr guy’s ‘significant’ request goes viral

Josh Milton December 29, 2019
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Mathiu (R) received a touching message from someone from his former high school, but remember the scenery here, it's Grindr. (Twitter)

Mathiu (R) received a touching message from someone from his former high school, but remember the scenery here, it's Grindr. (Twitter)

Grindr is often pictured as an app of tiled torsos tapping you for attention, but more often than not it honestly just shows why the gays truly, madly, deeply do not deserve rights.

Obviously, we kid here. But that was the reaction some folks had after a wholesome Grindr exchange quickly turned, well, typically Grindr.

Mathiu, based in Chicago, Illinois, logged onto the dating app on Christmas Day only to find a message from a blank profile.

Someone from his old high school.

While that scenario is a Ryan Murphy-grade horror story for most, the user dropped Mathiu a message detailing how much of an inspiration he was to him growing up.

A Grindr tale in three acts: Exposition, rising action, total catastrophe. 

“This may be weird”, the anonymous user in blue wrote, “…but I wanted to say that you were a big role model to me in high school.

“It was nice to see somebody gay and out and thriving.

“My parent aways thought you were, like, a perfect student, so when they found out you were gay I feel like it made it easier for me to come out.”

*Cries in gay*.

Mathiu replied with an equally sweet message, wishing the user happy holidays and that they were very kind to have said what they did.

But in a plot twist that, well, everybody saw coming, it’s Grindr. So this happened:


“It would be really significant for me if you would f*** me”, the user wrote.

‘This wholesome message turned into hole’.

“I was really flattered and honoured by the message because I remember how hard it was not having queer role models in school and I felt happy I was able to be that for someone,” Mathiu told PinkNews.

“His profile was blank and by the age I guessed he had been a sophomore when I was a senior.”

“I was a hyper involved academic gay, so he could’ve been in any number of clubs or sports teams.

“By the hole pic, though, I’m guessing we crossed paths in theatre.”

He continued: “When I saw the second message my jaw dropped.

“It was Christmas Day, I had just opened a box set of Scooby Doo episodes, and now this wholesome message had turned into hole.”

In the end, Mathiu didn’t hit the guy back. “I’m a firm believer in not f***ing your heroes,” he said, like a true role model.

Posting the exchange onto Twitter, pretty much everyone had the same reaction:

That Grindr guy threw the first significant brick at Stonewall.

“All the replies and DMs are making me feel like an OnlyFans gay,” Mathiu added.

“Some people seem legitimately angry that I didn’t f**k him since he was so sincere.

“I gotta admit, it would’ve been a killer story to tell at our wedding.”

Consider this a WikiHow in gay culture, dear reader.

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