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Timothée Chalamet on how it feels to be Hollywood’s ‘Straight Prince of Twinks’ after Call Me By Your Name

Vic Parsons December 23, 2019
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Timothée Chalamet interviewed by Out magazine. (Screenshot/Out)

“So how does it feel to be the straight prince of twinks?” Timothée Chalamet was recently asked during a press junket for Little Women, a film in which he plays Saoirse Ronan’s romantic interest, Laurie.

“And to be so beloved of the queer community?” adds the interviewer for Out magazine.

“Oh, my gosh, I wanna give a super serious answer or something like that but what a good fortune, you know, and I stumbled into Call Me By Your Name and I wanted… that book inspired me, and that director inspired me,” Chalamet replied.

“And I hoped it like, the fans of the book would see it basically, so what it’s done in any regard like that why or that it could present a version of love that people don’t understand to be niche or whatever, that isn’t prosecuted or persecuted, that it’s just a thing,” he said.

“And you know, even to get to work on this in the same regard, and the message towards young girls in this movie, I’m fucking pinching myself really, ’cause that is the humble definition of an actor, is to be in service to the production, to the story, to the director,” Chalamet added.

He then went on an adorable tangent about how it feels to have played a role that touched so many queer people.

“So, I’m getting to do it but then I’m also getting the assurance or whatever, whatever that people are being affected by, and that’s the greatest thing about, specifically, Call Me By Your Name, is when people are like, to this day, like two, three years later whatever, you know, and it can be no words, which can happen in the street and that’s the coolest thing, which is just like, or it’s not necessarily about that movie, how would I know?” he said.

“But anyway, that was a long answer, sorry, yeah,” the straight prince of twinks said, adorably.


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