13 December 2019

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Catholic League president Bill Donohue

Homophobic Catholic leader tells gay people to stay away from Christmas and celebrate Ramadan instead

Straight man vows to marry sex-robot girlfriend but sure, yeah, it’s the gays destroying the sanctity of marriage

Alberto Fernández with his son Estanislao Fernández

The fabulous drag queen son of Argentina’s president wore a rainbow flag to his father’s inauguration

Japan trans outing LGBT

Japan backs transgender people using the bathroom that matches their gender in landmark court case

Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon

The central African country of Gabon just criminalised gay sex

Gay parliament

The UK’s parliament is still the gayest in the world after 2019 election

homophobic comments

Man epically calls out dad’s homophobia after saying he must be a ‘terrible parent’ for having two gay sons

Penis fish

Thousands of pink, throbbing ‘penis fish’ have washed up on a beach and the jokes write themselves

Phillip Lee

‘Homophobic’ Lib Dem defector Phillip Lee, who wanted to segregate trans prisoners, fails to win seat

One Million Moms

Right-wing hate group is seriously raging at a TV channel for showing a 30 second advert with a lesbian kiss

Labour leader

The race is on for a new Labour leader. Here are the favourites and here’s where they stand on queer rights

Piers Morgan

Boomers are more ‘hypersensitive’ than millennials, according to science

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