10 December 2019

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Hundreds of LGBT+ celebrities and activists issue urgent plea for future UK government to commit to queer rights

Birthday present

This woman wanted to wipe her girlfriend’s debt away as a birthday present but it seriously backfired

CIBC bank manager allegedly said employees had to be gay or bisexual to be promoted

Bank manager told straight employee he would only be promoted if he was gay or bisexual

High School Musical

After three movies and countless stage adaptations, Disney’s High School Musical finally has its first same-sex romance

Gay people masturbate more

Gay people masturbate more than straight people, but fantasise less often about their exes

Indya Moore opens up about being gaslit 'every day' as a Black American

Indya Moore points out that the gender binary is fiction and we’ve all been non-binary all along

Mel B

Mel B says what she really, really wants is for new partners to go for a joint sexual health check with her

Tory activist uses Stormzy to defend Boris Johnson's homophobic slurs

Tory campaigner tries to use Stormzy to defend Boris Johnson’s use of anti-gay slurs, but misses glaringly obvious point


Man hospitalised with head injuries after ‘homophobes’ see him kissing a man in a bar

Sian Berry

Green Party leader Sian Berry says Boris Johnson’s use of ‘homophobic slurs’ should see him ‘struck out of politics forever’

Harry Styles naked, lying next to a giant heart

If you buy the new Harry Styles album you’ll get to see him naked. Yes, really

Nick Cannon and Eminem

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon makes homophobic diss track about Eminem, who hits back by calling him a ‘bougie f***’

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