Right-wing pastor claims gay people can’t be judges because they can’t be ‘fair or objective’

Patrick Kelleher December 6, 2019
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Christian rent-a-mouth radio host E.W. Jackson

Christian rent-a-mouth E.W. Jackson (Getty)

A right-wing pastor has objected in the strongest terms to US president Donald Trump’s decision to nominate an openly gay attorney as a court of appeals judge.

Trump has nominated openly gay conservative Patrick Bumatay to serve as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Unsurprisingly, Bumatay’s nomination has riled up some fellow conservatives, and some have hit out at the president for nominating an openly gay man to the court.

One of these critics is pastor EW Jackson who heavily criticised Trump for nominating Bumatay on his radio show this week.

“I’m convinced that these folks, because that’s their agenda, they can’t be fair and objective because they’ve got an agenda that is preeminent in their lives, and in their minds, and in their hearts, and in their behaviour, and in their activity,” Jackson said on his radio show The Awakening this week.

“How this nomination got by president Trump, I do not know,” he continued.

Gay nominee for appeals court is ‘bad, bad news,’ according to EW Jackson.

“This guy is a complete and a total activist who has an agenda to further the cause of normalising and legalising, in the civil sense, homosexuality in our country. We don’t need that kind of person as an appeals court judge.

“This guy is bad, bad news. He is a homosexual activist… and he brings this into his legal practice,” Jackson continued.

“Folks, we don’t need judges who have an ideological agenda to use the bench to transform the culture into something they think it should be, contrary to everything we’ve ever stood for.

This guy is bad, bad news. He is a homosexual activist… and he brings this into his legal practice.

“His nomination needs to be quashed, and it is my hope that it will either be withdrawn or it will be defeated by a vote in the United States Senate.”

“There is a tremendous opportunity there for judicial tyranny when people take that job because they’ve got some agenda other than the implementation of the law and the Constitution in a fair and objective way.”

The pastor also recently hit out at Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

This is not the first time EW Jackson has made anti-LGBT+ comments. In September, he made headlines when he said that “normal people” find homosexuality “disgusting” during a bizarre rant about Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigeig.

The Christian minister and twice-failed senate hopeful said that he loathes Buttigieg, but not because of his sexuality—though he does find that “thoroughly disgusting.”

“Of all the candidates, the one that I find the most loathsome, frankly, is Pete Buttigieg,” Jackson said.

“It is not because he is homosexual, although that frankly is not something that would recommend him.

“It is not because he stood up onstage and gave a big wet smacking kiss to his male homosexual husband-lover-whatever-he’s-supposed-to-be when he announced his candidacy.”

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