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Lesbian woman has a defiant message for her homophobic family after emotional engagement to her girlfriend

Josh Milton November 28, 2019
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Kate (L) and her fiancé Brooke got hitched and it has hurtled Twitter into a collective ugly cry session. (Twitter)

Buckle your seatbelts and grab your tissue box (scratch that, make it boxes) as a queer woman’s engagement post has gone viral for being as romantic as it is a damning statement to her “homophobic” family.

Kate and her fiancé Brooke announced on a post so poetic that it should become its own anthology series their engagement.

However, the post was public so that some of her family will know she refuses to succumb to the fear of their condemnation.

While she has “specific family members” who back her, others are “less than supportive”, she told PinkNews.

Kate, based in Columbus, Ohio, said she has come to realise that the label of ‘family’ should not “bind you to a relationship with a person who doesn’t support, respect, and love you in the way that all people deserve”.

Queer couple go viral for powerful message and no, you’re crying, OK.

In the tweet – which tallied more than 13,000 shares and 117,ooo likes – Kate had a rather simple message.

“I got engaged,” she wrote, “I made a Facebook post about it to ensure all of my homophobic family members could congratulate my fiancé and I on our happy, healthy relationship.”

The Facebook post was paired with smiling selfies, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a glistening engagement ring.

But it was Kate’s caption that spanned several paragraphs packed with admiration and affection for her partner which sent everyone into their own personal sobbing sessions.

Warning: Reading this post in its entirety will make you weep. (Facebook)
Warning: Reading this post in its entirety will make you weep. (Facebook)

The post received an outpour of love reacts and praise for the happy couple and their engagement.

“For some of my family members,” Kate explained, “religious views as well as a lack of recognising that the world is not binary and fearing that realisation really inhibits their ability to be supportive, loving and respectful.”

Fortunately, many members of her family as well as her friends and followers have flooded her with support.

‘I’ll be dammed if I don’t celebrate her and our love from the rooftops.’

Sales of multi-pack tissue boxes rocketed as a result of Kate’s message, with one user commenting: “This is one of the most beautiful things I have eve read.”

“I shared it because I feel really firmly about not allowing anyone to discredit my love, my relationship and my engagement,” Kate said.

“Brooke is my person. I’ll be dammed if I don’t celebrate her and our love from the rooftops.”

Kate said she’s unsure whether her family have all seen the post, and some have not reached out to her since the announcement. 

“Not a ‘congrats’ but not an ‘enjoy hell’ either, so. 

“Either way, if it never reaches my family, it might reach someone else’s and help them in their current situation.”

‘She was perfect, I was an absolute mess.’

“Brooke has always been clear that she didn’t find it necessary to be engaged and to spend money on a wedding,” Kate explained.

She said that saving money for more important things, such as their plans to have a child next year, has always taken priority.

The pair hosted a ‘Friendsgiving’ at their place, inviting their loved ones and Brooke asked Kate’s parents along as well.

“Brooke curated a playlist composed of songs with meaning to her, meaning to us, and some filler songs that we enjoy,” Kate continued.

“Everyone was given an envelope that had a card in it to give to me when their chosen song came on the playlist.

In a heartstring-tugging Facebook post, Kate explained that her girlfriend Brooke proposed to her surrounded by friends and her parents. (Twitter)
In a heartstring-tugging Facebook post, Kate explained that her girlfriend Brooke proposed to her surrounded by friends and her parents. (Twitter)

“Each card had a picture of us, lyrics from the song, and something she is grateful for pertaining to me and our relationship.”

During the dinner, Bruno Mars’ ‘Mary You’ began to ping out of the speakers.

“Instinctively, I grabbed her hand, twirled her around in a circle, and forced her to dance with me.”

But Brooke knew her girlfriend all too well.

The prophecy was fulfilled as a pal gave her a card with the lyrics to the song on it alongside a passage detailing how much she loves Kate encouraging her to dance.

“Finally, during the last song of the playlist which she picked as ‘One Man Band’ by Old Dominion, she gave me an envelope that was empty and told me to just listen.

“She joked about how every time this song comes on the radio that I say, ‘Ugh! I love this song’, and turn it up, she told me that she always lets me just so she can hear me sing the first verse.

“She told me that she couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else

“She asked me to marry her. She was perfect, I was an absolute mess.

“I cried, hugged her, cried some more, hugged her harder.

“She put the ring on my finger because I couldn’t come up with words and ended with a ‘Happy Friendsgiving!’ which made everyone laugh.”

And now everyone is crying. Thanks, Kate.

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