Drag Race star Miss Fame turned down a job on a Justin Bieber music video because his team wouldn’t pay her proper rate

Reiss Smith November 15, 2019
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Miss Fame and Justin Bieber

Miss Fame said she was approached to star in a Justin Bieber video. (Getty)

Miss Fame accused Justin Bieber’s team of trying to cash in on queer artists after she was asked to star in a new music video for a paltry fee.

The Drag Race star said she was approached to work on a video for the singer’s as-yet-unannounced single.

A screenshot posted to her Instagram story shows that Fame was offered $500 for her efforts – which she noted would not even cover the cost of her flight to Los Angeles, where the video was to be filmed.

She criticised the casting team for what she said was a shallow attempt at LGBT+ representation.

“To @justinbieber team,” she wrote. “If you want to involve LGBTQIA+ Artist in a JB music videos, I suggest respectable compensation/rate for their (mine) time & talent.

I can’t pay my rent off of the ‘honour’ or ‘experience’.

“$500 wouldn’t cover a flight from NY to LA & not offering to pay for hair & styling means you expect that all to be included.

“I can’t pay my rent off of the ‘honour’ or ‘experience’.”

Screenshot by Miss Fame
Screenshot by Miss Fame (Miss Fame/Instagram)

Fame continued by arguing that LGBT+ artists have the right to “build our lives from our artistry, as Justin [has]”.

“You do not have permission to tokenise my talent, my queerness is not a trend.

“Respect people and celebrate what they contribute. If you request my services, pay my rate.

“This is directed at all brands, houses, industries that are attempting to look good for the gay dollar bot not actually investing in us.”


Screenshot by Miss Fame
Screenshot by Miss Fame (Miss Fame/Instagram)
Screenshot by Miss Fame
Screenshots by Miss Fame (Miss Fame/Instagram)

The video’s casting team later clarified that Bieber was not involved within the casting process.

Speaking to Paper, they said that “casting was the director’s vision,” adding that the director is a member of the LGBT+ community, and that they specifically wanted an “inclusive set”.

The spokesperson added that all talent were offered the same amount of money for the shoot.

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