15 November 2019

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Powerful video shows gay high school teen Jordan Steffy confronting his homophobic bully

Gay high school teen who punched his bully in viral video says breaking point came after ‘years and years’ of build up

A 'Christian' printing company refused to print a college magazine's diversity issue. (Stock photo from Elements Envato)

Christian printing company refuses to print college magazine because it features queer people and drag queens

Trans singer Kim Petras

Kim Petras is trolling homophobic hate group Westboro Baptist Church and taking them on at their own game

Steven Menashi

Longtime opponent of queer people and Trump aide confirmed for lifetime seat on federal court

Is there a polite way for a straight man to tell a gay guy to stop flirting? (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Straight man complains his gay friend is innocently flirting with him and soon gets put in his place


A gay man has been diagnosed with HIV despite taking preventative drug PrEP

Cheryl Hole on tongue pops, backlash from the fandom and the *real* villain of Drag Race UK

Pope Francis trans sex workers

Pope Francis just compared the persecution of gay people to Hitler and Nazism

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is the top choice for the Democratic nomination in a crucial and eye-opening new poll

A transgender woman was mocked and outed without her consent on live TV

A transgender woman was mocked and outed without her consent on live TV

Drag queen Topsie Redfern was allegedly attacked in Soho, with thieves taking her mobile phone. (Supplied)

Drag queen says she’s ‘surprised and not surprised’ after being mugged by gang in London’s gay village

Jeremy Corbyn (L) was heckled by a Church of Scotland minister who has frequently referred to being gay as a "perversion". (Screen captures via Twitter)

Minister who heckled Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended by the church after saying being gay is ‘abhorrent’ and a ‘perversion’

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