Sam Smith’s shut down of a homophobic troll is so perfect it belongs in a museum

Patrick Kelleher November 12, 2019
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Sam Smith

Sam Smith in LA in September, 2019. (Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Since Sam Smith revealed that they are non-binary earlier this year, they have faced constant misgendering from trolls.

One of the places Smith experiences the most gender-obsessed nonsense is on social media – but on this occasion, they decided to get their own back on one unsuspecting troll.

When the Twitter user tweeted them and called them a “batty boy”, Smith decided to correct them.

“It’s batty them,” they tweeted.

Sadly, the Twitter user who called Smith a “batty boy” promptly deleted his tweet – but it doesn’t detract at all from Smith’s hilarious takedown.

Sam Smith is being hailed as a hero for their hilarious takedown of the Twitter troll.

The tweet has already been liked more than 1,000 times and their fans are obsessed.

Smith has endured plenty of Twitter trolls since they came out as non-binary, but none have dedicated as much time and attention to their gender identity as Piers Morgan.

Yesterday, Morgan – who has turned being upset at Smith’s gender identity into a part-time job – got angry that Smith had chosen to dress in menswear.

He retweeted two photos of Smith wearing Mans Concept Menswear, a Spanish brand, yesterday on November 10.

“Sorry, WHAT?” he wrote. “I thought you were now ‘gender non-binary’? Are you back to being a man again?’”

It’s batty them.

It appears that Morgan took issue with Smith wearing a brand sold as menswear, despite – as one follower explained – the fact that clothing and gender identity are two very different concepts.

“Clue is in the tweet,” wrote Abi Lizzie.

“See: ‘wearing.’ This is not saying: ‘I’m male.’ It’s saying: ‘I’m wearing menswear.’

“Women also wear menswear sometimes. Children dress up in menswear sometimes. Hell, I’ve even seen a dog in a tie before. Attire does not indicate gender.”

A spokesperson for Mans said that the brand believes in “fashion for all genders, obviously”.

Smith revealed in September that they are now using they/them pronouns and they are non-binary.

A source close to Smith revealed in September revealed that the singer – who had previously come out as genderqueer – had started using they/them pronouns.

“This is a decision Sam has thought long and hard about, including doing a lot of reading on up it,” an anonymous source, said to be a friend of Smith’s, told The Sun.

“[They know] that it will take some people longer than others to fully get it.

“First the request is going out to mates and then it will be passed on to the music industry too.

“It’s an exciting and groundbreaking time for [them].”

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