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This story about Kim Cattrall declaring herself ‘Liverpool’s Cleopatra’ on a gravestone is going viral – for obvious reasons

Josh Milton November 12, 2019
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Kim Cattrall: Liverpool's Cleopatra. (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Kim Cattrall: Liverpool's Cleopatra. (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

With a news cycle that churns out climate change catastrophes and politics protests every four seconds, it’s only natural that sometimes, you’ll miss the news that really counts.

Such as, but not limited to, Kim Cattrall inscribing herself on her family gravestone as ‘the Liverpool Cleopatra’.

For those unaware that Cattrall sees herself like the Egyptian queen, you’re not alone. Author Bella Mackie expressed her disbelief on Twitter that they missed the “best celeb story of all time”.

Cattrall, 62, from Mossley Hill, ignited fury from her family when she added an additional inscription onto the understated headstone.

She self-described as the ruler of Liverpool, an English city that is known for being the birthplace of The Beatles, containing the port of registry for the ill-fated Titanic and for being heavily bombed during World War II.

What a kingdom.

Sex and the City actor honours late father while also humbly calling herself the queen of Liverpool.

The Sex and the City star also had her late father, Dennis William, etched onto the stone.

She jostled through the ecclesiastical courts for two years against her family, which reportedly ended with the embattled actor being forced to reinstate the original appearance of the gravestone.

Caught in the crossfire was distant cousin Michelle Cox, 51, who has never met Cattrall. She was outraged to discover the inscription on Christmas Day in 2016.

However, earlier this year, Cattrall confirmed to the Liverpool Echo that the newly commissioned plot would remain in place and that her family are “very pleased with the Diocese of Liverpool” for allowing it.

The gravestone will “continue to bear the CATTRALL family name and acknowledging my father’s right to rest in peace next to his beloved mother and father.

“An honour to bring you home, dad.”

Cattrall plans to be buried in the family plot, located in Holy Trinity, Wavertree, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Kim Cattrall headstone row has Twitter wondering if it was all a collective hallucination. 

But the odyssey behind the burial site is one that has captivated Twitter nearly nine months on.

“I really need you to all read to react to this because it’s so mad,” Mackie said, “I think I made it up.”

And it appears that she’s not alone. “The lack of humility or self-awareness is almost weapons grade,” wrote Rob.

“Oh my god, is this what the kids mean when they say ‘we have no choice but to stan?'” questioned Kerry.

PinkNews can exclusively confirm that: yes, this is precisely what “the kids” mean.

There is no legal loophole, you have no choice but to stan.



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